Lauren Baker In Biennial Exhibition In Venice

Consciousness Awakening, part of the Nature Is Watching series by Lauren Baker, will be exhibited in the renowned Marinaressa Gardens, at Personal Structures exhibition with the European Culture Centre, during Venice Biennale 2024.

Inspired by the folkloric reverence of the silver birch and aspen, known as “The Watchful Tree” within medieval literature and myths, Lauren Baker’s Consciousness Awakening encapsulates the essence of nature’s vigilance and the interconnectedness of all living things. Within these ancient tales, the trees were perceived as guardians of ancient wisdom, and conduits between the earthly realm and the divine.

Work in progress: Lauren Baker at the bronze foundry

It is this bond between human beings and the natural world which inspired the sculpture, the latest in Baker’s Nature is Watching series. The inclusion of feminine eyes emerging from a tree-like plant, reminds us that Mother Nature is alive, opening the door to a harmonious dialogue and connection between the observer and the observed. Baker’s artwork encapsulates the essence of nature’s vigilance and the vitality of the natural world, with the eyes symbolising the trees’ role as guardians of earth’s rich biodiversity.

Lauren Baker, Consciousness Awakening


Lauren Baker, born1982, is a British multidisciplinary artist, acclaimed for her installations and sculptures. She delves into consciousness, communing with nature, and symbolism. A sense of mystery and emergence – of connecting with something far beyond our own immediate world – pulsates throughout her work. From the monumental 25 metre Letter From The Universe about peace, to the Luna Power Totem emblematic of the suffragette movement; her work explores higher states of consciousness.

The artist’s notable Totem Tribe series utilises symbolism to inspire community spirit. Baker’s environmental dedication extends to planting 8888 trees in the Amazon. Her art career started at 28 when she became inspired by a book called The Power Of Now, quit her corporate job and had an epiphany while taking part in ceremonies with tribes in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. The artist has created installations at The V&A, Tate Britain and Tate Modern and her works are held in collections worldwide.

Rooted in this profound connection to nature, the sculpture Consciousness Awakening serves as a poignant reflection on the theme of “Foreigners Everywhere” by prompting us to consider our own role as foreigners in the vast fabric of existence, embracing a stronger connection with the natural world and reconsider our perceptions of what is familiar and foreign in the natural realm.

“The sculpture evokes a mysterious and dreamlike quality. It invites the viewer to contemplate the complex relationship between humans and the natural world thereby conveying a deeper understanding of existence, mortality, and the interconnectedness of all living things”

– James Putnam, British Curator

Throughout ancient myths, forests were often portrayed as having a sort of consciousness or awareness and seen as places where the boundary between the human world and the realm of the supernatural becomes blurred.

Work in progress at the bronze foundry

Lauren Baker’s commitment to environmental stewardship is demonstrated through a pledge to plant 8888 trees in the Amazon rainforest. By fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty and resilience of nature, Consciousness Awakening inspires viewers to embrace their role as guardians of the earth’s rich biodiversity. It prompts reflection on the impact of our actions and our shared responsibility to protect the planet.


Previous high-profile artists showing with the ECC in Venice include Marina Abramovic, Anthony Gormley, Louis Bourgeois, Yoko Ono, and Peter Blake. Also at the Marinaressa Gardens specifically previous artists include: Carole Feuerman, Martin George, Richard Orlinski, Naja Utzon Popov, Masoud Akhavanjam.

“Through her thought-provoking work, Lauren Baker challenges us to transcend our current perspectives and engage with the urgent environmental imperatives of our time. Through her artistic lens, Baker beckons us to not only observe but also to actively respond and connect to Nature’s pressing calls for conservation and preservation.”

Sara Danieli, Director, European Cultural Centre, Italy

Can’t wait until Venice? Lauren Baker currently has two public light art installations in London: The Trees Are Watching, which is part of the Nature Is Watching series, and incorporates neon eyes within a 12 metre tree at The Arc, Shoreditch, until June 2024; as well as the 3.5 metre Luna Woman Power Totem, which is a permanent installation at Palmers Green, Enfield to commemorate the Suffragette movement.

Consciousness Awakening by Lauren Baker at Personal Structures Biennial Exhibition In Venice
: 18th and 19th April
Free public exhibition: 20th Apr until 24th Nov 2024 / Open daily, 7.30am-8.30pm
European Cultural Centre, Marinaressa Gardens, Venice, Italy

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