Italian Sculptor Peter Demetz Holds First Major Exhibition in Switzerland

Peter Demetz, Beyond the Corner, 2021, 145x200x46cm

Impulse Gallery in Lucerne is proud to present the first major exhibition in Switzerland of Italian sculptor Peter Demetz, from 30th March until 3rd June. Titled Die Stille der Zeit[losigkeit], translated as The Silence of Time(lessness), the exhibition reflects the artist’s long-standing fascination with time, silence and timelessness. It features 19 sculptures, many of which have never been shown before, taking over the entire 450 square metres of the gallery.

Peter Demetz, First Floor, 2018, 75 x 125 x 16 cm

Considered one of the most interesting and established wood sculptors working today, Peter Demetz was born in Bolzano, Italy, and lives and works in Ortisei in the Dolomites. After his studies at the Ortisei Art Institute, Demetz began an apprenticeship under Maestro Heinich Demetz and earned his Master’s Degree in sculpture. Demetz has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Italy, Austria, Germany, the United States, South Korea, Belgium, Netherlands and Turkey. Peter Demetz has won several art prizes, including the “Premio Sulmona” and the “Premio Pio Alferano”, both in Italy.

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Peter Demetz is best known for his incredibly realistic hand-carved wooden sculptures of people caught in contemplative, in-between moments. His scenes are like snippets of everyday life; suspended in a timeless universe and demarcated from reality through the silence and simplicity of the surrounding space.

Demetz sculpts his subjects with stunning meticulousness, reproducing tiny folds in clothing, facial wrinkles, and individual strands of hair. Conversely, the figures’ minimalist surroundings are left open to interpretation. Using a few lines, block colours and, above all, theatrical lighting, the artist creates fictitious spaces. It is we who imbue them with meaning, who see them according to our own diverse experiences in the real world.


The centrepiece of the exhibition, Beyond the Corner, is a scene composed of three people. In the foreground, two of them appear to be looking at a third, who in turn is looking towards an undefined place or dimension. The interpretation of the scene can be as rich and as individual as the viewers’ personal experiences. This work condenses the most important elements of Demetz’s work: perspective, colour, light and detail. The interplay of these elements forms a whole that invites the viewer to imagine themselves in the scenes, to identify with them and let their perception take effect.

Peter Demetz, On-Side, 2020, 70x60x19,5cm

Demetz says:“The people in my works have the important task of lending credibility to the scene. They invite us to follow them into their distraction-free world, where we remain, timeless and alone, observing them and the space they are in. This space becomes our space, the silence in which we can listen to ourselves. When time stands still, everything can be, because nothing can happen. A space without time is completely silent.”

Claudia Limacher, founder of Impulse Gallery, says: “We are honoured to present Peter Demetz’s first major exhibition in Switzerland and to highlight the uniqueness of his hand-carved sculptures that come to life at Impulse Gallery. We look forward to welcoming local and international visitors to explore the remarkable world of Peter Demetz.”

Impulse Gallery, Haldenstrasse 19, 6006 Lucerne, Switzerland

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