Find Beauty and Inspiration In Ibiza With Hotel Artworks

Ibiza Gran Hotel

What comes to mind when you think of holiday destination Ibiza? For most people the association is with wild nightlife, great weather and wonderful beaches. But this magical Mediterranean spot is also a Mecca for artists who arrive every Summer to be inspired by the White Island’s natural beauty. So what other role does art play in Ibiza?

Ibiza Gran Hotel, the most famous hotel on the island known for its sophistication and luxury, has grown in fame for hosting an large yet exclusive art collection. You can find artworks from different designers not only in the hotel lobby, but also in every suite. To be exact, there are over 400 original and site-specific artworks in the hotel. Overall, the hotel’s art collection is colourful, fresh and holds immense diversity in terms of styles, techniques and formats of the work. Here are some of our favourite artworks within the hotel.

Antoni Esteva – Fecundació

When you arrive at Ibiza Gran Hotel the first thing you notice is a huge art installation in the lobby called Fecundació. The famous majorquin artist Antoni Esteva, one of the most renowned in Spain, created it as a heartfelt tribute to life.  His various artworks and house designs made him well know not only in Spain, but also internationally. After you check in, you get a second chance to wander around at other art displays.

Antoni Esteva, Fecundació, Ibiza Gran Hotel Collection

Tony Keeler – Photo Wall

Most of the artists whose works feature in the hotel have lived for long periods of time on the Pityusic Islands. One of them is American photographer Toni Keeler, who for two decades depicted the contrasts between traditional and local customs of Ibiza, against the lifestyle of the foreigners who arrived there. His photo collection of Ibiza during the 1970s is one of the most popular pieces of artwork with guests.

Tony Keeler, Photo Wall, Ibiza Gran Hotel Collection

Nicholas Wood – Náufragos

Another emblem of art can be found on the main facade of the hotel. The author of this major artwork is Nicholas Woods and his piece is called Náufragos. Originally it was painted by hand on 45 methacrylate 10mm-thick sheets. From inside the building you can see five abstract strips. What you can see from the outside is a narrative scene that, in the words of the author, ”is based on an idyllic vision of a lucky castaway on a beach in Ibiza, combining the natural beauty of its coast with a dose of the island’s Dionysian nocturnal decadence”.

Ibiza’s only Art Hotel has earned the highest classification on the island and could be mistaken for an art gallery before it’s seen as a hotel. Come visit it to see it all yourself.

Nicholas Wood, Náufragos, ibiza Gran Hotel Collection


Experience the five star hotel experience in Ibiza at Ibiza Gran Hotel. Exceptional views immerse the old town, Dalt Vila and the Mediterranean Sea with services providing refreshingly unique experiences. These are the elements capturing the authentic essence of Ibiza Gran Hotel. The hotel comprises of a casino, spa, swimming pools, and a diverse selection of restaurants with the most attentive and dedicated service on the island.

Ibiza Gran Hotel exhibits a markedly contemporary style not only in its works of art, but also through its design and urban essence and its way of understanding the avant-garde and artistic trends.Within its walls is a sublime collection of art boasting more than 365 works created specifically for the hotel complex. It can only be defined as an intense, colourful and fresh artistic repertoire encompassing a wide variety of styles.

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