Ibiza Art Fair Brings Out the Creative Side of the ‘White Isle’ In September

Ibiza Art Fair Agnes Zaszkaliczky artwork

The most prominent cultural art event on the Balearic Islands, the Ibiza Art Fair, is set to return to the Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza, in Santa Eulária, from Thursday 19th September to Sunday 22nd September 2019.

The third edition of Ibiza Art Fair will welcome over 150 national and international exhibitors, offering an enthralling medley of modern and original contemporary art to discover and buy.

Ibiza Art Fair was launched in October 2017 by art specialist, Adriana Daly Peterova, becoming the Balearic Island´s very first art fair, and is now an annual event on the island.

Leading international artists, exhibitors and emerging talent will gather to showcase their masterpieces to Ibiza’s residents and holiday makers alike. Visitors can enjoy a weekend of interactive art talks, live paintings, children’s activities and personal shopping experiences. Ibiza Art Fair will offer collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to appreciate and acquire unique and original artwork from around the world.


Agnes Zaszkaliczky, Hungarian born visual artist, specialises in hyperrealist portraits. “Her brush is a musical instrument”. The colours harmonise in her clean, modern/classical compositions; for which she likes to choose a sound “colour”. She uses this colour as background combined with an abstract geometric design that gives the “tempo” and the setting for the perfect hyperrealist portrait. The contrast between picture and background creates the perfect rhythm for the overall painting.

Günther Villgrattner, Austrian painter representing the real and imaginary realities of the living space. Günther uses coloured forms, symbols, figures and different materials to show the confrontation with humanity, ethics and their interaction.

Brigitte Saugstad, a sculptor from Vienna, specialises in ceramic art. The essence of Brigitte Saugstad’s artwork lies in their childlike joy and harmonious movements. The gliding and floating of the sculptures and objects give them an exceptional expression of joy and lightness. At the same time the works radiate a fascinating strength and bond with the earth. It is the perfect balance of dynamic and harmony which immediately attracts the viewer and fills him with energy.

Georg Pummer is an award-winning Austrian painter working with acrylic paints. Pummer creates dynamic portraits that blend traditional portraiture with digital aesthetics. Though his images may seem to be the highly realistic renderings of a digital artist, each image is hand-painted.

Founder Adriana Daly Peterova, originally from Vienna, has over 17 years’ experience in international art fairs, managing artists and art projects. Before she launched Ibiza Art Fair, Adriana became aware of the rise in artists’ studios in Ibiza that were leaving the island to exhibit their work elsewhere.

Ibiza Art Fair

Peterova said: “Ibiza has a rich art heritage, with many art galleries and museums, which are visited by over one million people each year. Our motto is ‘Gifting is an Art’ and Ibiza Art Fair is the only event of its kind on the white isle. This is a must-see cultural event, which is designed to appeal to casual art lovers and serious collectors interested in art. Many pieces of art that had their debut at the first Ibiza Art Fair have found their way into world-renowned collections and art spaces around the world.”


Ibiza Art Fair takes inspiration from one of Europe’s most influential art shows – Art Basel; a premier art show featuring prominent artists and galleries, where tourists and art lovers flock to see the latest avant-garde masterpieces. Art fairs in general are vital for bringing together artists, collectors and enthusiasts to celebrate some of the world’s best art. Art fairs offer a platform to introduce emerging artistic talent to the art world and offers artists a space showcase their work to international markets.

Ibiza Art Fair Agnes Zaszkaliczky artwork

Tickets and further information, including program details, can be found on the Ibiza Art Fair website http://ibizaartfair.es

Opening times:

Thursday, September 19th – Opening at 7pm to midnight
Friday, September 20th – 2pm to 10pm
Saturday, September 21st – 2pm to 10pm
Sunday, September 22nd – 2pm to 8pm

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