Hubert Le Gall Presents His First Solo UK Exhibition

Hubert Le Gall - À la Folie!, Cuturi Gallery, Image credit: Cesare De Giglio/Cromwell Place

Cuturi Gallery presents Hubert Le Gall’s first solo exhibition in London, titled Hubert Le Gall – À la Folie! This marks the gallery’s second exhibition at Cromwell Place and Le Gall’s debut in the UK. The exhibition features over 20 works including some of his most iconic sculptures, cabinets and mirrors, all created between 2012 and 2022. This is an eccentric yet playful collection that invites the audience into Le Gall’s dreamlike universe rich in storytelling.

Hubert Le Gall, Chandelier 7 Chardons, Photo by Bruno Simon

The title of the exhibition is a playful reference to the famous French saying ‘Je t’aime à la folie’ (which translates to ‘madly in love’), and perfectly describes Le Gall’s personal nature and approach to creation. Shying away from being categorised into a single artistic field, Le Gall takes an open approach to art. This exhibition demonstrates his love for art and craft with works ranging across various artistic styles and inspirations. Is he a sculptor, or is he a designer? He is neither one nor the other. He often says: ‘I am as much Geppetto (carpenter) as I am Pinocchio (storyteller)’ – referencing the Disney classic, which inspired two of the presented artworks in the exhibition: The Pinocchio Floor Lamp (2014) and The Pinocchio Cabinet (2018).

Hubert Le Gall
Hubert Le Gall

Starting out as a painter, Le Gall now creates sculptural works which are often playful re-interpretations of classics of art history. There are no limits to what fascinates and inspires him: XVII and XVIII century furniture, Pop Art, Surrealism, craftsmanship from Chinese Dynasties, Japanese culture and Greek mythology to name just a few. Le Gall says: ‘I inspire myself from the art world with no pretension. Everything is for me an excuse to tell a story’.


À la Folie! will present two major recent artworks by the artist: L’Eternel Printemps (2018) and The Pasiphaé (2022). Both artworks are prime examples of the cross-pollination of diverse cultural themes and new narratives in Hubert Le Gall’s works. The L’Eternel Printemps, a 500 kg bronze bar cabinet, presents the figure of a contorted horse tempted by the forbidden fruit in what seems like a new version of Paradise. The sculptural figure of the horse is inspired by the form of a Japanese Netsuke – a small wooden carved sculpture originating in 17th century Japan. The Pasiphaé, with its body shaped as a bending bull, is a creation that tells the Greek mythological tale of Pasiphaé and the creation of the Minotaur. The use of materials such as bronze, glass, wood and tapestry exemplify his true passion for noble materials and craftsmanship.

Hubert Le Gall, Cabinet L’Eternel Printemps, image courtesy Hubert Le Gall

À la Folie! is an invitation to bring you back to childhood memories and fantasy. One will be surrounded by creations stemming from the artist’s overflowing imagination which lies somewhere between contemporary art and decorative objects.
Through this collection by Hubert Le Gall, this exhibition represents his youthful spirit while emanating a child-like wonder for art.
À la Folie! will be on view at Cromwell Place, London from 9th to 27th November 2022.

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