HOFA Gallery Welcomes Lucile Gauvin Exhibition

Storyteller series by Lucile Gauvain, Order by Katya Zvereva and La Vie en Rose by Susana Anaya at The Divine (with model)

HOFA Gallery has announced the unveiling of 12 new and never-before-seen artworks by French figurative painter Lucile Gauvain at a solo exhibition titled On a Daily Basis between 25th August – 2nd September 2022.

The forthcoming show will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in London following successful appearances in critically acclaimed group exhibitions like 2020’s CURATED series and The Divine in 2022.  

On a Daily Basis explores the magical alchemy that happens as the mundane and the fantastical combine during the creative process. It represents an important juncture in the evolution of contemporary art as the creative process becomes the subject matter and artists themselves become characters on canvas. 


Gauvain began her journey to art in the world of movies and movie set design. With a solid list of art-house movie credits to her name and a few in the pipeline, she is undoubtedly a graphic designer and illustrator of exceptional skill. In recent years, she has honed her personal style and found her voice in painting strikingly surreal scenes and alternate worlds that speak to shared experiences even as they blur the lines between fantasy and reality. 

Lucile Gauvain, Celebrate the Difference

In On a Daily Basis, she explores the magic of creating art from the lens of artists and crafts people who know better than most the near equal importance of practice and imagination to their craft.

Lucile Gauvain says “I aim to reshape our perception of routine and mundane activities in the arts because I have found that often, the magic of creative work does not reside in the final object or artwork but in the process of making it.”  

She adds, “What would our narrative identity be without the pleasant habits, the repetitive tasks carried out daily? Those ephemeral moments linking the banality of process with the fantasy of creation are moments of magic where art is born.” 

Our Own Reality by Lucile Gauvain 2020

HOFA co-founder and curator Simonida Pavicevic says, “We often wonder how the artworks that inspire and amaze us are made and how artists do what they do. In this solo exhibition, Lucile Gauvain demystifies this process through her surrealist visual language and style by showing us how people much like you and I create extraordinary things by engaging in ordinary, routine activities.” 


She adds, “Lucile is a talented young artist and HOFA is proud to bring her visionary work to more people around the world. In this exhibition, she expresses something we all know deep down; that we each have the desire and the ability to achieve the extraordinary.” 

For more information, visit www.thehouseoffineart.com

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