Fullord and the Necessity of Luxury

Like all the best inventions, Fullord came to the mind of its founder, Sandrine Thibaud, to solve a practical issue she was confronted with.

While spending a lot of time out boating, due to her business in the nautical industry, she was facing the necessity of wearing a scarf to protect herself from the wind. She soon realized that there were no desirable nor refined options to secure one’s scarf.

That is when she decided to combine a scarf ring with a necklace and make it in the most precious material to create a totally new jewel.

Since the beginning the idea was to create a brand around this revolutionary invention. She came up with the name Fullord from the words “foulard” and “or”, respectively scarf and gold in French, which is giving name not only to the patented jewel she created, but to the brand itself as well.



Fullord from an early start was aiming to be a luxury lifestyle brand. To complement the Fullords, S.Thibaud designed a full collection of earrings, bracelets and rings developing a distinctive design and choice of materials.

A natural consequence was creating a collection of scarves, which are essential to the jewel that gave birth to the brand; they are designed in house in the Geneva headquarters and produced between France and Italy offering the highest level of craftsmanship.


A range of niche fragrances is finally completing the Fullord universe, crowning the brand with an olfactive signature.

Tying together these three different product categories is the passion and creativity of founder and designer Sandrine Thibaud. Born and raised in Africa from a French family, she was always extremely passionate by jewels. After a career path that brought her in the nautical industry and travelling around the world for the last 25 years, based now in Geneva, she is going back to her first love with Fullord.

Hence why every Fullord product tells a story, coming from a memory of a smell, the colour of the land, the feeling that place can give. “There is always something very personal and emotional in creating something” says Sandrine Thibaud.


Key example of that is the Masai collection inspired by the traditional spear of the homonym tribe. Paying homage to this ancestral culture, Fullord’s creative director, is setting in gold the symbol of life and protection. The Masai spear is in fact used to defend the tribe and obtain food becoming the centre of the Masai’s life. In the Fullord collection it is reduced to its minimal and essentials lines. A sharp three-dimensional tip is juxtaposed to a smooth polished gold body. Designed by the creative director herself, all Fullord jewels are crafted in the inhouse manufacture in Italy from RJC certified raw materials, making sure that everything is sourced in fair working conditions and in respect of the environment.


From the opening of its first flagship store at 40 Rue du Rhône, the main luxury street of Geneva, Fullord is confirming its place in the luxury fine jewellery landscape.

“I wanted to create a space where exquisite and contemporary design together with outstanding service could deliver an extraordinary luxury experience. I want my customer to feel transported in another dimension but comfortable and relaxed at the same time” says Sandrine Thibaud about the Fullord Boutique.


Aside from the Geneva Flagship, Fullord is building a global presence in the EMEA area through a strategically placed network of selected retailers.

What sets Fullord apart from all the other brands is the story that is behind it. Every single product is drawn with the emotion that its designer has put in each of them. In an extremely saturated market where customers have endless options, flooded by advertisement every second of their life, Fullord wants to create an emotional connection through the communication of a feeling, a memory, a smell. In a world where there is no more place for true emotion and attention to one’s specific needs, Fullord’s goal is to build a personal relationship, taking the time to tell a story. Sharing a true emotion seems to be the only real luxury.


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