FINE ARTS PARIS is Holding its Second Fair in November

FINE ARTS PARIS is Holding its Second Fair in November

Organized by the Salon du Dessin in partnership with Paris Tableau, FINE ARTS PARIS will be running its second edition at the Carrousel du Louvre from 7 to 11 November 2018.

The new Paris event is run in collaboration with the major French museums, including the Louvre, Petit Palais, Centre Pompidou, Zadkine, Bourdelle, Rodin and Maillol museums. With over 40 overseas exhibitors currently booked to attend, the fair promises stalls from both recognized dealers and emerging galleries.

The diverse offering aims to bring a fresh focus to painting, sculpture and drawing. The fair is also welcoming 17 new galleries, including Galerie Steinitz, Galerie Perrin, Eric Coatalem and Callisto Fine Arts (UK).

Galerie Charvet, which has not participated in an art fair for a decade, will be exhibiting, amongst other works, View of the Venus de Milo Room at the Louvre by E. Fos (c.1890)—transporting the beholder to the Louvre as it stood a century ago.

‘We have chosen the Carrousel du Louvre as the venue for FINE ARTS PARIS because we want the fair to be a major event for both the fine arts and for Paris, and an important date on every collector’s calendar.

‘We will have more space than we had at the Palais Brongniart, and we are also developing a new cultural programme in collaboration with Paris museums,’ says Louis de Bayser, president of FINE ARTS PARIS.

This year, FINE ARTS PARIS has also created Sculpture Week, an off-site event being held for the first time to highlight Paris’ sculptural heritage.

Visitors will be able to enter the reserve collection of major museums and attend private tours of temporary exhibitions or collections.

Workshops and meetings with contemporary artists will also give visitors the chance to learn about different sculpting techniques.

Betrand Gautier, founding member adds, ‘Poussin was a sculptor as well as a painter, and Canova was a painter as well as a sculptor. Giampietro Campana and Nélie Jacquemart, both known as great collectors of paintings, also collected sculptures.

‘We are eager to show the ongoing dialogue among different forms of the fine arts.’

The Petit Palais will also introduce its new sculpture gallery on 7 November, during FINE ARTS PARIS. The sculptures have been chosen to explore the Third Republic—also the subject of a scientific symposium, taking place on 7 November.

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