FELT Launches Art and Craft Collections

FELT launches its first collection of new artworks and contemporary
craft for the home, with a showcase exhibition and sale on 15th October

FELT is a place for discovering and buying artworks and contemporary craft for the home, with a focus on skills ranging from embroidery and weaving to ceramics and painting.

(Top of page – Rachna Garodia, Richmond Park, 58cm x 80cm, Framed Handwoven with nettle, cotton, jute, linen, raffia and wheat and maple keys, £1800)

Everything is original or limited edition. The first collection and sale will take place on Friday 15th October in Safehouse 1, Peckham – 139 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN between 10am and 7pm, with pieces also available online to buy at the click of a button from Saturday 16th October.

This exciting and new way of viewing and purchasing one off artisan pieces for the home, designed and created especially for this show is not to be missed. Not only will there be pieces from well-known names but FELT has also discovered emerging artists and craftspeople.


FELT is somewhere between a gallery and a shop – they are warm and approachable like a shop but have the creative integrity of a gallery. The work they select turns traditional notions of craft on its head. It reflects contemporary culture whilst being joyful, often humorous and always demonstrating artistic skill and intent.

Lucy Strawson, Sky Quilt, £550

FELT is planning to partner with between 10 and 20 artists and makers on three collections a year. The launch exhibition is showcasing the works of JamJar Edit, Molly Mahon, Rose Electra Harris, Eliza Hopewell, and Lizzie Scarlett Towndrow among many others. The launch event lasts for one day to showcase the selection of works which are then available to buy on FELT website afterwards. The location for these events will change each time to reflect their curiosity for interesting spaces around London.


The founders of FELT, Tintin Macdonald and Francesca Wilson, come from the worlds of fashion and art, respectively and are united in their desire to bring joyful and original craftsmanship to a wider audience.

Dominic Beattie, Textile Painting, Ink, acrylic and spray paint on loose stitched canvas, 130 x 50 cm, £1,800

Tintin has over 10 years experience in Fashion having worked for Acne Studios, Helmut Lang, Erdem and Molly Goddard. Francesca has over 10 years of experience working with museums, galleries and art platforms including Saatchi Gallery, New Art Centre, Roche Court and The Auction Collective.

“FELT was born out of a mutual love of textiles and admiration for artists like Anni Albers, the quilts of Gee’s Bend and Ben Nicholson’s hand-printed fabrics at Kettle’s Yard. We love the possibilities textiles offer, whether used as domestic items or hung on walls bridging the gap into art” says Tintin Macdonald.

Skill and expression are equally important in the works FELT selects; they aim to bring together a diverse array of objects and artworks that demonstrate artistic intent as well as being aesthetic and often functional. By showcasing skills that have not always been held in such high esteem in the art world such as quilting, tapestry, pottery or weaving, Felt aims to update tradition by reimagining the existing offering and making it relevant today.

Ali Corder, Don’t Fly Too Close to the Ground, Acrylic on stitched canvas

“We want to show people how works of craft and art can be displayed in their homes. It is important to us that people live with, and cherish, their artworks and that over time the pieces grow in significance. We have chosen an exhibition space deliberately for its domestic feel and scale.

“We asked the artists to consider the home when making work for the Collection. This has meant that many artists are using FELT as a platform for working in new, experimental ways. For some this has led to collaborations with partners and friends (Dominic Beattie, Eliza Hopewell). For others it has meant taking their artistic practice into functional objects (Aimée Parrott, Rose Electra Harris). And some makers, who have successful homeware brands, are producing one-off exhibition pieces for us (Molly Mahon, JamJar Edit)” says Francesca Wilson.

The exhibition will feature between three and six pieces of work from each artist or maker. They will either be previously made work, commissioned pieces for the collection or, possibly, collaborations between artists with Felt’s team input. Through studio visits and workshops documented on FELT’s website and social media, the founders will tell the artists’ stories and give them a platform to demonstrate their process and communicate their concepts.

Aimée Parrott, Chameleon Lamp (ii), 53 x 33 cm, £450

The launch exhibition is open to the public on Friday, 15th October 10am-7pm and the works are available to buy from FELT website from 16th October. Prices range from £70 – £5,000.

Address of the exhibition: Safehouse 1, Peckham (139 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN)

Find out more: www.felt-collections.com @felt.collections

List of exhibitors:

● Aimée Parrott – Painted lamps
● Ali Corder – Painting on patchwork canvas
● Charlotte Derby – Wall hangings and textile screens
● Clare Dudeney – Paintings, print and weavings
● Dominic Beattie – Canvas paintings
● Eliza Hopewell – Ceramic plates and furniture
● Flora Wallace – Ink Paintings and ceramic utensils
● Galina Munroe – Paintings
● George Dennis – Photography
● JamJar Edit – Furniture and Pressed Flowers
● Laura Mallows – Dried Flowers
● Lizzie Scarlett Towndrow – Quilts
● Lucy Strawson – Quilts
● Molly Mahon – Textile wall hanging
● Olivia Thompson – Photography
● Rachna Garodia – Weaving
● Rose Electra Harris – Painting on canvas and works on paper
● Sofia Tieppo – Ceramic candlesticks
● Sophie Harding – Painting
● Theodore Vass – Furniture and cyanotypes


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