Exhibition Showcases the Works of British Silversmiths

The Augustus Brandt Gallery in Petworth is hosting a Silversmiths exhibition called Living Silver: Contemporary Silver for the Home, dedicated to showcasing the technically skilled work of British silversmiths in partnership with Contemporary British Silversmiths (CBS).

This exhibition will pay homage to Britain’s lead in the field of contemporary silversmithing, both design and manufacture. The exhibition also aims to show how homes, both contemporary and traditional in design, can be enhanced by a piece of silver, handmade by a skilled silversmith.

The silversmiths showcased at the exhibition have been hand-picked from across the country and many have won awards for their work, also having been represented in national collections and collected by private individual and celebrities.

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Highlights from the exhibition include work from the following silversmiths:

Hamish Dobbie

Dobbie is inspired by the landscape of Scotland, where his workshop is based in Glasgow. Having been recognised by multiple awards and exhibited in many collections, he sells work both in the UK and internationally.

Dobbie comments: “Inspired by the landscape of Scotland, the rugged feel of the landscape has heavily influenced the shapes and textures that I have implemented in my work. I have been combining hammering, chasing, engraving and 3D printing along with various precious metal plating processes to create the works to date. As an ongoing body of work, further experiments develop from these combinations of digital and handmade elements. I create works that looks found not made but with a function.”

His work ‘Storm Bowl’ (pictured at top) is inspired by the Isle of Staffa in Scotland.

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Miriam Hanid

Hanid’s work is hugely inspired by the sea and reflections on the vastness of the ocean. Hanid’s work often includes the use of poetic and musical lines.

Hanid has been displayed in many exhibitions, including famous museums like the Victoria and Albert.

She comments: “I feel that water is synonymous with love in all its physical and metaphorical representations. In after there is an endless, never repeating range of forms and patterns, each with its own unique and intricate beauty, giving me an infinite visual language with which to express my ideas”


Mary Ann Simmons

Simmons specialises in simple and minimal designs as well as personalised future heirlooms. This particular work was designed for the exhibition at the Goldsmiths company and the pair reflects the other with a different colour.

Simmons comments: “These vessels are exact replicas in shape and their placement by the user; aligned at their edges facing opposite directions or facing the same way, allows the user to create their own curved contract. Contrasting in colour, the tradition of high polished silver is exchanged for soft surfaces, one of whitened silver and other of luxurious, oxidised blackened silver.”

The Living Silver exhibition is on show until the 5th January 2020.

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