Stanley Kubrick Exhibition Opens at Design Museum London

Kubrick Exhibition - photo Chris Jenkins

The Design Museum, London celebrates the work of one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century in an exhibition from April 26th to September 15th 2019. The exhibition was previewed on April 25th, and opened by Kubrick’s widow Christiane, brother-in-law and executive producer Jan Harlan, daughter and photographer Katharina, co-curator Deyan Sudjic, and advisor Alan Yentob.

Car from A Clockwork Orange – Photo Credit: Chris Jenkins

The exhibition includes important works by designers Hardy Amies, Saul Bass, Milena Canonero and Ken Adam, art and photography from Diane Arbus, Allen Jones and Don McCullin, designs from Saul Bass, Elliot Noyes and Pascall Morgue alongside contributions from renowned directors.

A Clockwork Orange, directed by Stanley Kubrick (1970-71; GB/United States). Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell) in the Korova Milkbar. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

I Was Cured, All Right

For the first time, the internationally acclaimed touring exhibition about the life and work of Stanley Kubrick is coming to Britain, Kubrick’s home and workplace for over 40 years. It was in the UK that Kubrick created the battlefields of Vietnam for Full Metal Jacket (1987), an orbiting space station for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Dr Strangelove’s War Room (1964). The exhibition tells the story of Stanley Kubrick the obsessive genius. It shows step by step how he created genre defining worlds for his films and how London was his endlessly inventive canvas.

Costumes from Barry Lyndon – Credit: Ed Reeve for The Design Museum

The exhibition features several themed rooms, each shaped around a separate film, including Barry Lyndon, 2001: Space Odyssey, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Paths of Glory, Spartacus, Lolita, Eyes Wide Shut, and Dr Strangelove. Visitors will enter the exhibition whilst walking on a replica carpet from the iconic scene in The Shining, before entering a ‘one-point perspective’ corridor mirroring Kubrick’s famous camera technique.

2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick (1965–68; GB/United States). © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

I’m Sorry, Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That

Commenting on the exhibition, movie director Steven Spielberg said: “Nobody could craft a movie better than Stanley Kubrick. He is an inspiration to us all. Stanley was a chameleon with the astonishing ability to reinvent himself with each new story he told. I defy anyone who just happens upon a Kubrick film while channel-surfing to try with all your might to change the station – I have found this to be impossible. So, to all film lovers and filmmakers, if you want to understand and experience how Stanley Kubrick created these unforgettable worlds, don’t miss this wonderful exhibition at the Design Museum in London.”

Stanley Kubrick during the filming of Killer’s Kiss (The Tiger of New York, USA 1955). © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Alan Yentob, Executive Curator said: “If you want to step inside the mind of one of the greatest film directors of all time, this exhibition will take you there. Stanley Kubrick’s imagination was boundless and his mastery of every aspect of filmmaking will be on display here at the Design Museum. Join us for a Festival of Stanley.”

This Is My Rifle!

Featuring more than 500 objects, projections and interviews, the exhibition brings to the fore Kubrick’s innovative spirit and fascination with all aspects of design, depicting the in-depth level of detail that he put into each of his films. From predicting the modern tablet and defining the aesthetic of space exploration a year before the Moon Landing, in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), to the use of NASA-manufactured lenses to film by candlelight in Barry Lyndon (1975), Kubrick was just as much an inventor as a filmmaker.

Steenbeck editing machine used for Full Metal Jacket – Credit: Ed Reeve for The Design Museum

Expect to see the centrifuge set that Kubrick had developed for 2001: A Space Odyssey; film props such as the platoon flags and the infamous Born to Kill helmet worn by Private Joker in Full Metal Jacket, costumes worn on set during Barry Lyndon as well as pre- and post-production materials loaned from the Stanley Kubrick Archive at University of the Arts London Archives and Special Collections Centre.

Matthew Modine and Stanley Kubrick on the set of Full Metal Jacket, directed by Stanley Kubrick © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Hee-ee-ee-ee-re’s Johnny!

Stanley Kubrick’s philosophy and his ability to create complete worlds with each of his films will be explored through a vast archive of research and production documents, props, set designs and storyboards. Visitors will be able to relive key scenes from The Shining (1980), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), and A Clockwork Orange (1972), hear personal anecdotes from those close to him and find out who Stanley was as a person and how he used innovative techniques to create his films.

Kubrick on the set of Barry Lyndon, Directed by Stanley Kubrick © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The exhibition is a development of the Deutsches Filmmuseum’s hugely successful exploration. The Design Museum is grateful for the support of Principal Funder, the Reuben Foundation and exhibition partner, TASCHEN. The Design Museum has worked with the BFI to develop Kubrick Now, a programme of events at the Design Museum and BFI Southbank. The BFI is official programme partner for Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition.

A definitive two-month Kubrick season at BFI Southbank will run from 1st April – 31st May 2019 (featuring screenings of Kubrick’s feature films and his three short films), with a complementary season of ‘Kubrickian’ films running alongside it. The Design Museum will also have a number of events held at the museum as part of the Kubrick Now events programme.

The BFI will re-release A Clockwork Orange in cinemas UK-wide from 5th April.

Tickets for the exhibition costs £16 – details from

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