Collectors’ Treasures: The Highlights Being Shown at Fine Art Asia 2019

Once again Hong Kong’s most distinguished fine art fair welcomes elite international dealers and leading galleries to marvel at the treasures on display. Running from 4th to the 7th October, Fine Art Asia will exhibit extraordinary pieces at fairs across Asia and Western countries. These range from art and antiques, jewellery and timepieces to contemporary art, all spanning over five thousand years. Here, we show Arts & Collections’ favourite and most noteworthy pieces being displayed at the fairs all over the world.

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Jade Buddha

Dating back to 907-1125 is a jade head of Buddha, on show at Rasti Chinese Art, Hong Kong. A very rare example of a Buddhist sculpture being made from this material, it holds impeccable details and gives insight to the lost world of the proto-Mongol Qidan people who ruled China at the time of its creation.

The Goddess Tara

This sculpture of the goddess Tara is on show at Tenzing Asian Art, San Francisco and is impressive in size. From the Early Malla period in the years of 1200-1482, was sculpted by an unknown Newari artist. Newars, occupants of the Kathmandu valley in Nepal, specialise in distinctive artwork and architecture, also contributing to aesthetics of Tibet.

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Jingdezhen Vase

Distinctive of the Jingdezhen potters of the early 18thcentury is this triple gourd vase, a highlight of the Vanderven Oriental Art in The Netherlands. It is thought that due to its large scale and porcelain, this was made for one of the European courts. What is particularly incredible about this vase is the fact that it can be traced back 100 years to the collection of the famous banker and art collector, John Pierpont Morgan from 1837 to 1913.

Chinese Silver

This Chinese silver will be shown at Koopman Rare Art in London, and differs from anything else in Shanghai at the time of its creation from 1840 to 1880. These pieces were created by Lee Chin, a silversmith known for producing some of the finest items of silver jewellery and other items.

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Regal Hairpiece

Perhaps once worn by Mughal royalty and noblemen, this hairpiece is from Northern India and made with flat-cut diamonds and mounted with seed pearls. This will be shown at Susan Ollemans in London, and is one of the older styles in jewellery from India,, made by using the ‘kundan’ technique, meaning highly refined gold.


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