All You Need to Know about Art Insurance

Collecting fine art can be a life-long pursuit of happiness. Owning rare and unique items comes with its own risks, however, as a standard household policy usually does not cover these prized possessions. We caught up with Suzi Rackley of Aston Lark to discuss fine art insurance and how to navigate the market. Arts & Collections: Why do I need art insurance? Suzi Rackley: Art is often a prized possession or carries great sentimental value,...
Investing in Coloured Diamonds

CollectionsInvesting in Coloured Diamonds

Diamonds have been revered for their beauty for millennia. Nowadays, coloured diamonds offer a strong return on investment—even in the current global market. Debatably less complex than the cryptocurrency market and, decidedly, more beautiful than stocks, fancy coloured diamonds (FCDs) are increasingly turning the heads of wealthy investors. Thanks to a surge in demand for FCDs over the last decade—and their reputation for being a safe long-term investment—it’s no wonder connoisseurs are adding them to...
The Art of Collecting…Tiffany Lamps

CollectionsThe Art of Collecting…Tiffany Lamps

Dripping with exuberance, the Tiffany lamp’s iridescent, cascading lead stained glass designs are synonymous with the striking Art Nouveau movement of the early 20th century. The world is well acquainted with the classic, timeless jewellery staples of Tiffany & Co., founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany—but what of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the diamond titan’s son and founder of Tiffany Studios? The exquisite, tinkling designs of the famously ethereal Tiffany lamps were the brainchild of this Tiffany...
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