Coco Dávez Exhibition Brings Pop Art Celebrity Images to London’s Maddox Gallery

Coco Dávez - © Coco Dávez/Maddox Gallery

Maddox Gallery is presenting an exhibition of paintings by Coco Dávez, in her first solo exhibition in the UK.

Coco Dávez is the alter-ego of Valeria Palmeiro (Madrid, 1989). Self-taught and interested in utilising different artistic mediums such as photography, fashion illustration and painting, Dávez began her career in London in 2010 whilst working as an illustrator for Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Quickly recognised for her vibrant, identifiable style, Dávez has since collaborated with a vast number of high-end brands including Chanel, Shiseido, Desigual, Dior, Prada, Vogue, Eastpak, Pepe Jeans, Samsung, New Balance, Puma, Bombay Sapphire, Kenzo and Nespresso.

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Coco Dávez – Karl Lagerfeld – © Coco Dávez/Maddox Gallery

Dávez’s work has been exhibited at galleries in Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Brussels, Madrid and Queensland. Recently, Dávez was listed in Forbes’ ’30 under 30′ list as one of the most influential artists in the world and was the only Spanish artist to be included in GQ’s ‘10 Best Artists Working Today.’ Her first book Faceless was released in 2019, published by Lunwerg. Dávez lives and works in Madrid.

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Coco Dávez – David Hockney – © Coco Dávez/Maddox Gallery

Listed as one of the most influential artists in the world and one to invest in now, Dávez’s paintings are at once unique and identifiable. Her signature technique is achieved through unconstrained brushwork and pure acrylic colour on canvas, paying homage to the Fauvist artists who have deeply inspired her practice. Primarily experimenting with colour and shape, Dávez’s subjects are a diverse blend of cultural and historical influences ranging from celebrities, musicians and artists, to film characters and cartoons.

Coco Dávez – Amy Winehouse © Coco Dávez/Maddox Gallery

In her most recent collection, Faceless, Dávez engages with the dialogue of popular culture and society’s obsession with icons. Large, exquisitely bright canvases portray a range of notable people from Amy Winehouse to Frida Kahlo, David Bowie to David Hockney, the outline of each person is a smooth blend of rich, contrasting colours and dark shadows. Seeking a new way to combine Neorealism and Pop Art, Dávez’s decision to eliminate facial features from her works adds a semi-abstract layer to each painting and immediately invites the viewer to partake in a guessing game of “Guess Who?”

Coco Dávez – © Coco Dávez/Maddox Gallery

Visually arresting and sharp in detail, Dávez’s work has been described as ‘art for the digital age.’

Faceless will be on display at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove from 10th to 31st May 2019. Entry is free.  

Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove 112 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5RU

Private View: Thursday 9th May
Exhibition dates: 10th to 31st May 2019

Read our feature on Coco Dávez, that was originally published in the spring edition of Arts and Collections, here. 

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