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Displaying art is an art in itself; details of presentation such as space, sound and light can make all the difference to the way art is perceived in a gallery, museum or exhibition. The experts from TM Lighting explain how their work is showcased at TM Gallery in London

A place of discovery for diverse contemporary art, TM Gallery is a collaborative, not-for-profit space dedicated to art lovers and collectors. It is a curated platform for exhibitions by accomplished career artists or those with a celebrated body of iconic works. Founded by Harry Triggs and Andrew Molyneux in 2018, the owners of TM Lighting, TM Gallery’s genesis is steeped in unrivalled art lighting knowledge, expertise, and experience. With TM Lighting, Andrew and Harry are responsible for lighting some of the world’s most renowned public and private art exhibitions and collections, including Frieze London, Eye of the Collector, public installations of works by Damien Hirst, and contemporary galleries including Piano Nobile and Offer Waterman. TM lighting also works in the heritage sector, lighting collections at The Wallace Collection, Burghley House, The Foundling Museum, Arundel Castle, Apsley House, and the Natural History Museum.

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Internationally respected art lighting specialist TM Lighting has transformed art collections in galleries, hotels, historic houses, museums, private collections and homes; just this year it has illuminated the booths of Frieze London, the decorative hangings at Claridge’s, and Old Masters at Kenwood House. At its studio on Cubitt Street, TM Lighting’s founders Andrew Molyneux and Harry Triggs have created their own haven of illumination – a gallery where accomplished career artists or those with a celebrated body of iconic works are brought to light. The TM Gallery is a collaborative not-for-profit space for collectors, curated by a team that believes that when art is lit to its best, it has the power to transform an individual artwork or an entire collection.


Since its inception, TM Gallery has hosted all manner of exhibitions. In July, it presented an evocative retrospective of Bridget Riley’s printed oeuvre; titled Printed History, the showcase shed new light on her sixty-year career, over which she finessed her trademark geometric designs. This exhibition was a collaboration between TM Gallery and Benjamin Parsons x Hannah Payne. Riley is famed for her foundations in the Op Art movement, producing optical illusions that challenge our perception and connect our feelings to what we see. In the Printed History exhibition, representing the colour accurately in Riley’s works was vital to perceive the line and form authentically. A typical lighting technique for contemporary art is to illuminate an entire wall evenly from floor to ceiling. TM Lighting overlaid a soft accentuation to each artwork to elevate the colour and vibrancy of Riley’s works.

Bridget Riley – Damien Griffiths Photography

Also exhibited this year were never-before-seen works by renowned interdisciplinary artist Robert Montgomery, in a compelling collaboration between TM Gallery and MTArt Agency. Blending the realms of art and poetry, this series epitomised Montgomery’s signature vision, where language is transformed through visual expression to a greater end. In the setting of TM Gallery, his political commentary was brought up-close-and-personal to a few hundred visitors.

Intimate and technologically forward, the exhibitions at TM Gallery have drawn figures from across London’s diverse art scene and shall continue to do so when the Gallery series continues in the New Year, with collaborations planned with some of the UK’s leading galleries.


Continuing its collaboration with MTArt Agency and establishing a new partnership with Julian Page – specialising in modern and contemporary works – TM Lighting intends to showcase the very best artists of today in 2024. TM Lighting will be bringing to light the visually striking works of James Rogers, a graduate of Camberwell College of Arts who was recently awarded the Fenton Trust Award (2020); like TM’s founders, Rogers recognises the possibilities of technological artistry, which the exhibition promises to provoke and demonstrate.

TM Gallery is also delighted to announce its collaboration with Petroc Sesti, a prominent British artist based in London. Sesti’s work transcends the conventional boundaries of art and science, utilising vast optical lenses and moiré geometries in both sculpture and painting to dynamically engage with viewers and their surroundings. His pieces redefine landscapes, providing a unique and responsive interaction with the artwork. Rooted in a metaphysical exploration of existence and a deep connection to nature, Sesti’s art captures the essence of life and the universe, making this partnership an exciting venture for TM Gallery.

Carrie Jean Goldsmith – TM Lighting

Co-founding director of TM Lighting, Harry Triggs, comments: ‘We are proud to work with artists of all backgrounds, from the newly emerging to the world-renowned. We seek to showcase artworks of all kinds in their best light, and at TM Gallery we have the means of doing so. The gallery series has proven a real success so far, and we are excited to announce the full 2024 roster of exhibitions in January’.

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