CAN Art Fair Returns to Ibiza

CAN – Contemporary Art Now – returns to Ibiza from 12th-16th July 2023. Envisioned as a laid-back event that celebrates somewhat of a current renaissance of figurative painting and related work, CAN looks back at the ground breaking legacy of Cubism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Fauvism, CoBrA, New Objectivity, all the way to Futurism, New Leipzig School, Pop Art, Naïve Art and their sub-varieties, with curation of the fair primarily focused on the notable artists and the galleries that have been supporting their practices.

With such an approach, CAN aims to honour the individuals and entities that have contributed to the boost and appreciation of such progression and support its further development. This defined focus transforms the occasion into a casual reunion of familiar artists names whose activity often overlapped in the past due to the complementing affinity towards the similar aesthetics.

Following the outstanding success of its inaugural event, CAN Art returns to Ibiza from July 12th to 16th, 2023 at FECOEV – the Recinto Ferial near Ibiza town. The island’s very first multi-gallery art fair wrapped up its 2022 event having sold a whopping 80% of the art on show. This fact alone has helped place Ibiza as one of the most interesting emerging art destinations on the European calendar. Collector and contemporary art enthusiast Sergio Sancho founded URVANITY Projects as a platform for cultural content serving the public and private realms and CAN Art is just one of this organisation’s ground-breaking happenings. With events in Madrid and now Ibiza, URVANITY Projects is staying true to its promise of promoting rising artists, creators, curators and galleries.


Sasha Bogojev returns this year to curate a selection of 40 international galleries from five continents. Expect a price range suited to entry-level and experienced collectors and a range of genres covering pop, video, digital and more in every medium imaginable. Open to the public every afternoon over four days CAN Art offers a comprehensive collector’s program as well as drinks, snacks and freebies, as Recinto Feria is transformed into an art-filled oasis. A blast of contemporary culture with a healthy dose of Ibiza cool and some seriously superior people-watching.


With an accent on the NOW, Contemporary Art Now wants to provide an overview of who, how, when, and why contributed to the dynamic global scene that we’re witnessing nowadays and in which way it’s linking to the legacy of modern and contemporary painting greats. Whether using Van Gogh’s approach to color, light or texture, referencing Bacon’s exploration of human condition, elaborating on Picasso’s ingenious play with perspective, depth or volume, reappropriating Guston’s incisive, distinct and game-changing visual vocabulary, or continuing onto Peter Saul’s refreshing, challenging and critical hybrid of styles and techniques, CAN is giving priority to the established artists and galleries that sparked the flame years back but is also nurturing this special moment by shedding light on the newly emerging names. Although having a bold focus on the figurative painting, CAN is determined towards also introducing the cutting-edge related forms through their program, as an innovative platform for discovering the latest in contemporary art, with an emphasis on the new languages that have emerged and are constantly being updated.

Presented in a large, open-plan space outside the main town of Ibiza, CAN feels more like a vibrant gallery neighbourhood than an ordinary art fair ground. By presenting a carefully thought-through selection of the world’s most exciting galleries to introduce the work of some of the most refreshing and recognized artists of the current times, CAN is hoping to boost the creativity that has always existed in Ibiza.

In summer and for five days, the island will become a meeting point for artists, art collectors, enthusiasts, and personalities of the local and international cultural scene. CAN will be a great art event in July and will bring together international galleries, mainly from Europe, America, and Asia, and present more than 100 artists under one roof.

CAN, Contemporary Art Now 2022 ©mariasantosphotography


1969 Gallery
New York, USA

Allouche Benias
Athens, Greece

Ana Mas Projects
Barcelona, Spain

Anna Zorina Gallery
New York/Los Angeles, USA

BEERS London
London, UK

Ballon Rouge
Brussels, Belgium

Carl Kostyál
London, United Kingdom; Stockholm, Sweden; Milan, Italy

Cob Gallery
London, UK

Galerie Droste
Düsseldorf, Germany; Paris, France

Galerie Kleindienst
Leipzig, Germany

Galerie Rolando Anselmi
Rome, Italy; Berlin, Germany

Galería Alegría
Barcelona, Spain

Galería Leyendecker
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde
Antwerp, Belgium

Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery
London, UK; Berlin/Schloss Goerne, Germany; West Palm Beach, USA; Nevlunghavn, Norway

L21 Gallery
Palma de Mallorca/ Barcelona, Spain

La Bibi Gallery
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Luis Adelantado
Valencia, Spain; CDMX, Mexico

Marian Cramer Projects
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mindy Solomon Gallery
Miami, USA

Moosey Art
Norwich / London, UK

NBB Gallery
Berlin/ Germany

Ojiri Gallery
London, UK

Sydney, Australia

PLUS-ONE Gallery
Antwerp, Belgium

Plan X
Milan/Capri, Italy

Cologne/Düsseldorf, Germany; Paris, France; New York, USA

SHRINE Gallery
New York/ Los Angeles, USA

Soho Revue
London, UK

Stems Gallery
Brussels/Belgium; Paris/France

The Hole
New York / Los Angeles, USA

VETA by Fer Francés
Madrid, Spain

WOAW Gallery
Hong Kong, HK; Beijing, China; Singapore, Singapore

superzoom contemporary art gallery
Paris, France

CAN, Contemporary Art Now 2022 ©mariasantosphotography


Aglaé Bassens
Alex Becerra
Alexander Kaletski
Alistair Canvin
Alya Hatta
Amber Andrews
Ana Barriga
Andrew Salgado
Ania Hobson
Anton Alvarez
Ariane Hughes
Aryo Toh Djojo
Audun Alvestad
Austin Lee
Aysha Nagieva
B.D. Graft
Baldur Helgason
Beatrice Scaccia
Ben Crase
Ben Edmunds
Breza Cecchini
Charlie Roberts
Christoph Ruckhäberle
Clare Woods
Daisy Dodd-Noble
Damaris Pan
Derek Aylward
Dustin Emory
Edu Carrillo
Emma Stern
Evgen Čopi Gorišek
Fabio Viscogliosi
Falk Gernegroß
Felix Treadwell
Filippos Telesto
Folkert De Jong
Francesco Pirazzi
Francisco Rodriguez
Fátima de Juan
Gao Hang
Gao Hang
Gianni Di Rosa
Gill Button
Gommaar Gilliams
Grip Face
Heidi Ukkonen
Henriette Grahnert
Hunter Potter
Iseult Perrault
Ivan Seal
Jack Karangu
Jaime Hayón
Javier Palacios
Jeremy Shockley
Joakim Ojanen
Jonny Niesche
Jordi Ribes
Jose Lerma
José María Yturralde
Julien Heinz
Julio Galindo
Julius Hofmann
July Guzman
József Csató
K. T. Kobel
Katie Hector
Ken Sortais
Kyler Garrison
Landon Pointer
Laura Limbourg
Laurene Mary-Couégnias
Laurens Legiers
Laust Højgaard
Leo Park
Luciano Calderon
Magda Kirk
Magda Kirk
Marc Badia
Marina Kappos
Mark Ryan Chariker
Mateusz Sarzynski
Matt Belk
Matthew Hansel
Matías Sánchez
Mevlana Lipp
Michel Mouffe
Miju Lee
Mira Makai
Miyeon Yi
Mónika Kárándi
Nadine Faraj
Nat Meade
Nigel Howlett
Oli Epp
Omar Velázquez
Onka Allmayer-Beck
Pascal Möhlmann
Patrick Alston
Pedro Pedro
Pei-Hsuan Wang
Peter Bonde
Pixy Liao
Ralf Kokke
Richard Woods
Rita Maikova
Rita Sala
Rob Ober
Rob Tucker
Rubén Guerrero
Ryan Browning
Salomé Chatriot
Sara Berman
Sara Suppan
Sarah Schlesinger
Shannon Peel
Simon Adam Peter
Simon Demeuter
So Youn Lee
Sofia Pashaei
Stevie Dix
Taisiia Cherkasova
Tariq Oliver
Taylor Lee
Tony Toscani
Victor Verhelst
Xian Kim
Yam Shalev

Opening collectors & VIPs:
Wednesday July 12th: 5 – 9 pm

Opening hours for general public :
Thursday July 13th: 5 – 9 pm
Friday July 14th: 5 – 9 pm
Saturday July 15th: 5 – 9 pm
Sunday July 16th: 12 – 6 pm

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