Bruges Triennial to Run for Five Months

Traumnovelle – The Joyful Apocalypse © Filip Dujardin

From Saturday 13th April to Sunday 1st September, the centre of Bruges and the beach at Zeebrugge will once again be a platform for contemporary art and architecture in the public space. The Bruges Triennial runs for almost five months.

Bruges Triennial 2024 looks firmly towards the future for this fourth edition. How can we safeguard the liveability of Bruges, and cities more generally, in a protective way? How do we approach concepts such as sustainability and change in a UNESCO-protected environment where preservation is central? And how can contemporary art and architecture create a new framework for these issues?

Iván Argote – Who? © Filip Dujardin

These questions have informed Bruges Triennial’s collaboration with the twelve participating artists and architects. They have come to Bruges from all over the world in search of the slumbering potential of the ever-changing city. Their site-specific installations create new connections – between street and square, between people and animals, residents and passers-by – and make us reflect on the social, economic and ecological challenges and opportunities that await us as a society.

Contemporary art and architecture merge with the context of a UNESCO world heritage site in the Bruges Triennial, which occupies a unique
place in the Belgian and international arts landscape.

Public programme

In addition to the twelve art and architecture installations in Bruges city centre and Zeebrugge, the Triennial also boasts an extensive public programme. It includes guided tours, educational packages for schools and families, accessible visitor tools and a calendar of events that both frame and expand this year’s theme, Spaces of Possibility.

The Bruges Triennial has joined forces with four cultural partners for the fourth edition: Cultuurcentrum Brugge, De Republiek | Dertien12, Het Entrepot and Musea Brugge. They have devised their own programmes specifically for TRIBRU24 and are delving deeper into the themes at the heart of the event.

Bangkok Project Studio – The Tower of Balance © Filip Dujardin

In the Porters Lodge, Cultuurcentrum Brugge brings together six artists with Bruges roots. They dive into the ‘memory’ of this historic site in the exhibition Memory as Building. De Republiek and Dertien12 embark on an urban expedition and are organising a special edition of the lecture series Letters to the City. Het Entrepot presents Brecht Vanhoutte’s work At Rise Of Curtain: an installation, performance, set and the scenography for the artist’s debut film-to-be. With Rebel Garden, Musea Brugge presents an ambitious exhibition at three venues (Groeninge Museum, Gruuthusemusem, St John’s Hospital Museum) on the theme of climate change. Historic and contemporary artworks put the tumultuous relationship between man and nature under scrutiny and place a finger on the painful wound that is the climate crisis.

Overview of installations by participating artists and architects

1. Iván Argote (CO)
1983, Bogota, , lives and works in Paris, FR

2. Bangkok Project Studio (TH)
The tower of balance
Established in 2003 in Bangkok, by
Boonserm Premthada (b. 1966, Bangkok, TH)

3. Mariana Castillo Deball (MX)
Firesong for the bees, a tree of clay
1975, Mexico-City, lives and
works in Berlin, DE

4. Mona Hatoum (LB | UK)
Full Swing
1952, Beirut, lives and works
in London, UK

5. Ivan Morison (UK)
Star of the Sea
1974, Istanbul, lives and works in Hereford
and North West Wales, UK

Norell/Rodhe – Raamland © Filip Dujardin

6. Norell/Rodhe (SE)
Established in 2012 in Stockholm by Daniel
Norell (1973, Stockholm, SE) and Einar
Rodhe (1982, Uppsala, SE)

7. Shingo Masuda + Katsuhisa
Otsubo Architects (JP)
empty drop
Founded in 2007 in Tokio by Shingo
Masuda (1982, Tokio, JP) and Katsuhisa
Otsubo (1983, Saitama, JP)

8. SO–IL (US)
Common Thread
Founded in 2008 in New York by Florian
Idenburg (1975, Haarlem, NL) and Jing Liu
(1980, Nanjing, CH)

9. Studio Ossidiana (NL)
Earthsea Pavilion
Founded in 2015 in Rotterdam by
Alessandra Covini (1988, Milan, IT) and
Giovanni Bellotti (1987, Pavia, IT)

10. Adrien Tirtiaux (BE)
Under the Carpet
1980, Etterbeek, lives and
works in Antwerp, BE

11. Traumnovelle (BE)
The Joyful Apocalypse
Founded in 2015 in Brussels by Léone
Drapeaud (1987, Canberra, AU), Manuel
León Fanjul (1990, Charleroi, BE) and
Johnny Leya (1990, Kinshasa, CD)

12. Sumayya Vally (ZA)
Grains of Paradise
1990, Laudium, lives and
works in Johannesburg, SA

Discover the complete overview of guided tours and visitor tools for Bruges Triennial 2024 at

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