Brooklyn Exhibition Presents Stories of Yemeni Children

Nada Nadeem - Age when war started - 11 years old

Do You See Me? is the first exhibition in the USA that features art works of artists between 7-19 years old who have experienced the scourge of wars in Yemen since 2015. It presents the stories of Yemeni children and teenagers who grew up during the war by capturing the essence of their background, documenting their narrations as war witnesses and exploring their dreams, daily struggles and obstacles they have been encountering through 60 diverse art works.

Old Walled City of Shibam by Aboubaker Balfaqih – Age when war started – 10 years old

The exhibition also highlights the aesthetic aspect of Yemeni unique heritage by displaying the artists’ photos wearing traditional outfits that represent the various governorates of Yemen including the famous Socotra island.

These young artists are not able to attend the exhibition in person, yet their emotions are vivid through their art.

Banned Identity by Ahmed Alabbadi – Age when war started: 11 years old

They are wondering, Do you see me?, do you see my pain, my dreams and my uniqueness? They may not have had the opportunity to talk about it, but their art documented everything genuinely. In this exhibition, they are finally heard.

The exhibition aims to create a unique experience for the diverse audiences by engaging all of their senses through a visual art, audio, refreshments and incenses to introduce them to this ancient civilization.


Ayat Saleh – age when war started – 8 years old

About the curator:
Sahar Hasan Al-louthai is a Yemeni American artist and curator based in USA, with a master in fine arts. She has opened 4 solo shows and participated in over 50 group shows and biennales in different countries. Last award was Special Merit Award, Light Time Space, 2020. Last solo show Sailing on a cruise ship Istanbul, Turkey, 2022. Last group show Embrace Our Differences, Art Exhibition Florida, USA 2023.

Tarateel – Age when war started – 4 years old

Sahar established Qamaria Art project in order to produce and curate art exhibitions to showcase works of artists who have suffered the scourge of wars in addition to highlighting the cultural aesthetics of Yemen. She launched this project by opening Yemeni Art Gallery in New York, December 2021, in which she was honoured with. a certificate from New York State for her achievements in the field of arts.

Do You See Me?
Curator: Sahar Hasan Al-louthai
Host: Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Date: July 17th 2023 4-10pm
Featured guests: New York mayor: Eric Adams, Yemeni Ambassador: Mohammed Alhadhrami

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