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Opening 23 January, visitors to the Tate Modern will be able to see a major exhibition of pieces by French artist Pierre Bonnard, several of which will be displayed in the way that he painted them—as canvases attached to the wall without their frames. Curator Matthew Gale explained why Tate Modern wanted to recreate Bonnard’s unconventional studio style: “Most artist use stretchers, a wooden structure that keep the canvas flat, but he nailed them to...

Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre have been transformed by immense works of art, displayed digitally on the city’s largest screens. For those planning a visit to Hong Kong—the city that mixes feng shui and finance, trams and temples—this art installation is a must on your itinerary. Niio, one of the world’s leading platforms for digital format artwork, partnered with Hong Kong-based property developer Sino Group to bring the display to life....

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