Tradition of Tangible Beauty

I Vassalletti artisans. When the creative mastery of an artisan is held within the grain of the wood, a simple piece of furniture becomes a real piece of art. This is how I Vassalletti works on the most refined wood-essences, transforming them into interior design gems of modern architecture. 

Variety is what distinguishes these home decor company products. A meticulous dedication to handcrafting is so visible in each and every style: curiosity towards new shapes and colors, essences and materials are the essential drive that leads to I Vassalletti masterpieces.

The beauty of these products shines a new light: a new soul within your home and new scenery to enjoy. I Vassalletti know how to blend the preciosity of the wood together with the ancient knowledge passed from artisan to artisan working in harmony with tradition, and innovation, too. They, in fact, choose to be open and apply Avant-garde technologies in order to create new stupefying solutions for interior design.

Flooring is the very heart of this company and its biting will take you back to the famous history of this world-renowned art factory. The brand opens up to a wide range of products such as libraries, wood panelling and design elements in general, available in a variety of styles. I Vassalletti products will fill your home with a special charm, interpreting your own wishes, amazingly. Versatility is one of the company’s main commitments in order to fit with the most diverse environments such as villas, cottages, lofts or apartments in the city – without lacking originality and luxury.

I Vassalletti’s talent and skills are easy located, not only in their practical work, but also within the capacity to meet every client’s needs. Each project, in fact, is wonderfully managed in a way that one interior becomes a wish come true, for anyone who entrusts I Vassalletti as a dream homemaker. Production is a process never left to fate, every step of the way is carefully executed from designing to installation. A team of artisans join together their expertise to perfectly combine design wishes with environment utmost potentiality, and the final result is nothing but stunning.

Working from old Tuscan artisans’ dictations, I Vassalletti creations are unique and prestigious. As a company, they boast the ability to express elegancy and authenticity, experimenting all the time and representing Made-in-Italy across the globe.

Creative collections

Marqueterie is the most exquisite ensemble of handcrafting and art. In this collection, many combinations are possible. Each style from figurative mosaic to classic arabesque, floral fantasy or abstract interlacement can stand alone or be finely merged with any other – with every interaction creating a superb, final result.

Progènie is the first hardwood floor, wood panelling and home furnishing collection made of aged oak wood and enriched with materials such as leather, iron, glass, marble and stone.

I Vassalletti Designs in detail

SIMON: Inlayed flooring in old oak of the Progènie collection, sanded and finished with natural pigments, oil and wax.

BOISERIE: Boiserie in production, realised in oak and “black belgio” marble on I Vassalletti design.

ESTERNAL TEAK BOARD: External flooring realised with teak boards in fixed width, and with special natural finishing.

BOARD: Engineered boards in oak, sanded finishing with soap treatment.

GUIDOTTI: Inlayed flooring in old oak from the Progènie collection, with special silver finishing.

GIONA MARBLE: Inlayed flooring in old oak and black absolute marble, naturally finished with wax.

GIONA STEEL: Inlayed flooring in old oak with satinised or polished steel insert, finished with natural pigments, oil and wax.

TUSCANIA: Inlayed flooring in oak and steel on design patented from the company (Tuscania), sanded and treated with natural patinas of gray shades, and finished with water and wax.

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