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Every good golfer carries a story with him, a good story, ingrained in his memory. A succession of chapters that see him sharpen his technique stroke after stroke – while movements are being assimilated by his body – perfecting his distances, going in and out of bunkers on his more or less inspiring days, always seeking to improve… As he dreams of that hole in one. Step by step, walking through the grass season in season out, we see him moving forward to reach today. Today indeed, because this is a lifelong story: a new green will create new pages, marked by a passion that in time – a golfer knows – does nothing but grow.

It is precisely for this type of path that we wanted to create an honest answer, a tool able to grip with life – or better – to “grip the passion.” This is the mission of TEE Golf Shoes.

Spending many hours on golf courses requires footwear with the specific requirements of water resistance, breathability but also comfort and rigidity. Just like a smooth stroke, these are also the result of a long journey, of the history we carry with us.

Ours started out in the most renowned Italian footwear district, the heart of the globally famous Made in Italy handcraft:  the Riviera del Brenta. Here, footwear is designed and manufactured by Mara Bini, a historic artisan company specialised in high-quality products.

TEE Golf Shoes is a brand entirely dedicated to the world of Golf that combines Italian style, quality of handmade workmanship with the use of high-quality leathers and materials. A specific and ingrained know-how that bring models to life with high performance in comfort and duration. In addition, for golfers who want to personalise their style, you can customise both the colour and the type of sole. TEE Golf Shoes: “Grip” the Passion

This is the world of TEE Golf Shoes, a world-renowned brand and on the feet of those who love golf.

On the website you can find a list of our authorised dealers, speciality shops and Pro-shop, closest to you.

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