The Creation of Artistic Italian Handbags

Maison Boarini Milanesi takes us on a journey back to the Renaissance with a look behind the scenes of the sources of inspiration for their marvellous Italian handbags.

Unique and personal Italian handbags—this is the philosophy of Italian Maison Boarini Milanesi. With their beautiful creations, inspired by Italian art, the Maison breathes new life into a luxury market, which appears to have lost its soul alongside genuine exclusivity.

Maison Boarini Milanesi perfectly embodies that unique combination of refinement and authenticity, which is deeply rooted in the noble and rich Italian culture. The family writes a new chapter in the history of exclusive leather Italian handbags, a long-standing tradition in Italy where elegance, simplicity, and sophistication reign.

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Boarini Milanesi precious handbags in exotic leather are not on display in stores that look much the same everywhere, nor can they be bought online. The Maison is a private members’ club: new Clients need to be introduced by another member or they have to know the founders in person. The Sales Assistants of the Maison travel the world far and wide to meet with their clients in a personal and highly exclusive shopping experience.

For the ethos of Boarini Milanesi is to create irreplaceable masterpieces, unique ‘objets d’art’ which are both a pleasure to look at and to wear. The process of this creation begins with a personal connection between the client, his or her desires, and the artist who will fulfil them: a wide range of skin types, an enchanting chest of pure pigments and the most beautiful natural gems are just some of the marvels that the client can discover and admire.

A deep connection

This deep connection results in much more than just a product—it generates a lasting experience, a contemporary revival of the relationships that were established during the Renaissance between Masters of Italian art and their patrons. Each one-of-a-kind Italian handbag is handmade by premier artisans in a small atelier set in the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, and is composed of the world’s most exclusive materials. Carolina and Matteo Rodolfo, the founders of the Maison, personally handpick all of the skins, ranging from the most sought-after ones, those of crocodile and alligator, to the brilliant and less known galuchat (stingray).

‘Finding the perfect skin is just the beginning,’ explains Carolina. ‘What comes next is the pursuit of beauty and harmony. We strongly believe that only a very harmonious dialogue between the elements of the bag leads to a beautiful and timeless creation.’

With their splendid attention to detail, Maison Boarini Milanesi masterly breathes new life into the most precious pigments of ancient times, such as that very delicate shade of pink known as ‘Rosa Tiepolo’ from the name of the Venetian painter who widely used it in his extraordinary frescoe paintings. Each handbag features a precious gem of detail that is uniquely chosen for the client, and carries regal indulgence into everyday life. These beautiful gems, such as the iridescent Mother of Pearl, epitome of pureness, and the enchanting amethyst, favoured by queens and kings, make every bag highly personal and unique.

Carolina and Matteo Rodolfo evidently have a passion for natural beauty and a dedication to stay true to their roots; the Maison seeks perfect forms and a style that is genuinely Italian. In this dimension, which lies somewhere between cultural heritage and contemporary art, the Maison gives life to a very personal and timeless creation, filled with values and emotions. A masterpiece capable of shining the light of Italian High Elegance on those who choose to make it their own.

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