Love for the Land, Passion for the Wine

Tenuta degli Angeli, meaning ‘Land of the Angels’, is known for excellence in the Lombardy region of the wine world, and was opened in Santo Stefano degli Angeli in Carobbio degli Angeli in 1984.

The vineyard, known as the ‘bomboniera’ (meaning ‘favour’) was planted with great passion and the wine making expertise of founder Pierangelo Testa, creating a small corner of paradise where the microclimate, soil rich with calcareous marlstone, southern exposure and the layout of the terraces all guarantee a unique wine.

The baton has been passed on to the female side of the family and Tenuta degli Angeli is now managed by Manuela with daughters Laura, Roberta,and Maria, and her son Francesco.

In the traditional masculine world of wine making, the farm has managed to make its name, with great sensitivity and determination, and as a result, obtaining internationally renowned awards: two Gold Medals in 2014 and in 2015, with the Extrabrut degli Angeli Classic Method and the Brut degli Angeli Classic Method respectively, at the VINITALY international wine-competition.


Tradition in their hearts for generations

Acetaia Testa is the pride of Tenuta degli Angeli. This magical location, situated on one of the loveliest hills of the Valcalepio range, exudes an atmosphere of time gone by where traditions emerge from every single corner.

Acetaia Testa is in the attic of a medieval 13th century tower, which contains the maturing and ageing racks for the Balsamo degli Angeli, a highly prestigious condiment produced exclusively according to the traditional methods, and with the passion that the Testa family puts into all its enterprises.


The Testa family will welcome you and personally accompany you to discover Acetaia Testa, with guided tours and product tasting, first and foremost Balsamo degli Angeli, and also the prestigious wines, jam and Extravergin olive oil ‘Dagli Ulivi degli Angeli’.

Azienda Agricola Tenuta degli Angeli- Acetaia Testa

Via P.Fontana Roux,5

24060 Carobbio degli Angeli- BG- ITALY

Phone: +39 035 687130

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