Sotheby’s Sale of Modern and Contemporary African Art

An exciting event will be taking place on the 16th May 2017, held by Sotheby’s London—to celebrate their first dedicated sale of Modern and Contemporary African Art.

The auction will feature works by 60 different artists from 14 countries across the continent including: Algeria (North Africa), Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal (West Africa), Ethiopia and Uganda (East Africa), Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo (Central Africa), Angola, South Africa and Zimbabwe (Southern Africa).

The sale will pose as a platform for a plethora of artists; from illustrious names to those who have barely or never appeared at auction. This will provide a more rounded insight into the landscape of the field of Contemporary African Art. Hannah O’Leary, Sotheby’s Head of Modern and Contemporary African Art: “In recent years, I’ve seen an exponential increase in market demand from collectors in Africa and the African diaspora, as well as international art collectors and influencers who are embracing art from Africa as exciting, innovative and relevant. Sotheby’s entry to the market is in direct response to its current strength and its even greater potential over the coming years.

Modern and Contemporary African Art spans many different decades, themes, cultures and geographies – we’re not suggesting that the art included in our sale forms one cohesive body, but hope that the auction and our international exhibitions will provide a fresh platform for these artists, attracting the interest of new collectors and enthusiasts who have not yet explored this field.”

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