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A success story

With exquisite vocation for design, Riflessi of Italy boast a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality and practicality, as well as great respect and attention to sustainability.

In the last decade, the company has experienced a rapid evolution that has seen production expand from mirrors to a wide range of furnishings. These include tables and multi-function consoles, sideboards, chairs and more recently lamps – all in the name of elegance and functionality.

Thriving off challenges experienced in the design field, Riflessi are able to excel thanks to its particular sensitivity to certain intuitions. These include a detailed focus on quality and service all the while keeping on top of modern ideas and trends that they then create and embellish with their own style.

Design and craftsmanship

Riflessi’s strategy is simple and straightforward: To wager on communication to create what is gradually made available to a wider audience. Above all, the company and its products focus on the tastes, guidelines and requirements of customers, thus creating a strong synergy between their desires, creativity and expertise to produce the product of their dreams.

Riflessi rigorously creates styled furniture, combining beauty and practicality that is typical of contemporary homes. Their contemporary style is characterised by clean lines; ‘softened’ by delicate decorative interventions made by special processing techniques such as screen printing and hammering.

Each piece is the result of a unique path, made from various ingredients including personal memories, citations of real life and tradition as well as listening and collaborating between different skills. They are all synthesised from a production strictly made in Italy where flexibility makes tailoring and customisation an additional possibility.

Value and development

The vocation to the design (as a balanced mix of beautiful and practical form and function) along with the development of human capital, are the two key elements of Riflessi, created within the Centre for Research and Development.

Unique in its kind, experienced and creative young professionals are welcomed and encouraged to propose ideas or solutions. Forming a real ‘hotbed’ of talent, Riflessi’s Centre for Research and Development offers individuals fertile ground to not only express themselves but to also participate in a real production process.

Acting as the engine of product development, Riflessi’s Centre for Research and Development conceive and design all the furniture, and study functional solutions. Here they develop new technology where contemporary blends with artisan skills to implement processes. Overall, it is a team effort that focuses on the uniqueness of each individual to accomplish a common project.

A holistic view of produce

The relationship with the environment in a cultural sense (such as memory and tradition) and in an ethical sense (such as respect and sustainability) is the third piece in the mosaic of Riflessi’s philosophy. In fact, the company works intensely in its territory and expresses appreciation for their roots. This is done with the restoration and enhancement of craft techniques that are likely to be lost to the philosophy of the ‘zero kilometer’. Instead, they are implemented by selecting a network of specialised suppliers of high quality and fully recyclable materials in the area such as wood, glass and aluminum.

Initially a small but what has proven to be a concrete experiment, this idea was inspired by the theory of ‘cradle to cradle’ in that it creates a cycle of design and manufacture that is fully sustainable; an ideal way for production to strive.

This choice aims to exploit local resources and to bring production phases to the local area, thus avoiding transport costs and a reduction in pollution. By result of this production philosophy, this means that every Riflessi product is made ​​in Italy using its holistic approach to design a unique reality in the field of contemporary furniture.

Ideas for a contemporary home

Beauty, precision and functionality: These factors are at the forefront of Riflessi designs for the contemporary home and the people who live there. With many homeowners facing the demand of constant transformation, Riflessi seeks to propose solutions adapted and designed for all different types of living areas and occasions thanks to hyper-functional mechanisms.

Cupboards are interpreted almost as furniture sculpture, in which the formal rigor of geometry combines severe minimalism with light softened by the precious decorative interventions on the doors. Such touches of elegance come in different versions, with each piece unique and personal. See the Picasso P13 for example, which features a chic cut and continuous wavy pattern sure to complement any home.

Chairs and lamps possess smooth, sleek traditional lines, while mirrors – the starting point of pride for Riflessi’s entire production – are inspired by forms that denote primary design and good taste.

A sinuous geometric feature is the Sinuo mirror, available in square and rectangular versions. Add a touch of cool to your home with the Ice frame or if you’re after something more eccentric, look no further than the Ginevra model which comes with a transparent undulated frame and LED backlighting.

The collection

The P300 is a revolutionary console. From a small stand-alone piece, it transforms into the unthinkable with an extension allowance up to 3m. Lengths vary from small (50cm) to intermediate (90cm, 110cm, 130cm) catering to every need, while the mechanisms of extension are made strictly from aluminum and recyclable material making it environmentally friendly. In addition to various dimensions, it also comes in a selection of slick ecological finishes including waltnut, cherry, oak, natural, white, black and tobacco as well as all the colours of the RAL scale.

Segno is a collection of cupboards characterised by its elegant graphics. Although their irregular chasing lines may appear complex, this effect is in fact a very simple design effectively softened by delicate, carved and lacquered surfaces. Segno is available in different sizes (2, 3 or 4 doors) and all RAL colours. Additionally it comes in gloss or matte lacquer versions. Their doors and edges are cut at 45° and are opened and closed using a pull system, while the legs of the polished aluminum base enrich its overall stylish design.

Essenzia is a stunning collection of cupboards characterised by its minimalist style that marries the concept of essentiality. Inspired by a formal purity that makes no concessions to other interventions, the Essenzia range expresses itself simply by its sheer geometric linearity. All surfaces, internal and external, are customisable and come in a wide palette of colours with lacquer and matte finishes. Like Segno, they are also cut at 45° and feature a practical push-pull system. Available with two, three or four doors, Essenzia designs also feature polished aluminum legs.

Picasso is the collection of cupboards that mark the history of Riflessi. Rich in design, their dramatic steel wrinkled effect goes beyond the simple functioning of containing. With their striking decorations specially handcrafted in-house, Picasso concepts come in a wide collection of forms, materials, finishes and also offer customer customisation. In total, there are 23 variations of finishes, infinite shades of color and a variety of decorative inspirations available in two, three and four door designs.

For more information visit riflessisrl.it

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