Protecting Your Most Valued Possessions

If you had a Degas valued at nearly £5 million in your safe, it would be reasonable to expect that it’s insured, but very recent reports of a theft in Cyprus from a private collection show that this is sadly not always the case. None of us really envisage the trauma of losing treasured possessions, not to mention having to deal with all the pitfalls of making an insurance claim—but this is what sets High Net Worth cover apart from standard home insurance.

Protecting valued possessions

Flint Private Clients has a range of high net worth policies to choose from. What’s more our dedicated account handlers provide personal assistance throughout the life of your policy, i.e. helping to select the right insurance for you; establishing fantastic risk management and security and some would say most importantly, step-by-step assistance if you ever have to make a claim.

Our high net worth policies provide you with worldwide cover on all your items regardless of value, offering full replacement costs to ensure you are returned to the same position you were in before any loss. Experience tells us that many of our clients may add to their collections numerous times through the year, so we now offer a new acquisitions cover that automatically provides up to an extra 25% on your contents. This means you are covered whilst getting the item home and can then tell us about it without any panic. All our high net worth policies provide a flexible approach to your insurance, without limits and with excellent support.

For more information call Flint Private Clients on 0845 371 1494 or visit our website.

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