Luxury Mosaics in Interior Design

30 years since its conception SICIS is now exploring luxury interior design, still guided by its original founding principle—the mosaic as a form of art

A historic form of art going as far back as the third millennium BC, the mosaic has now been propelled into the contemporary art landscape. Sicis, a leading creator and designer of exquisite mosaics that are 100% made in Italy, has become synonymous with luxury and uniqueness.

Born in Ravenna in 1987, the manufacturer continues to be at the forefront of the production of this historic form of art. The mosaic industry and the mosaic as a form of decoration in the last 30 years has greatly influenced by Sicis’s own Maurizio Leo Placuzzi and his double indirect patent method. This process—which consists in the tesserae being pre-assembled and made up into smaller-size segments—has facilitated the easy creation of mosaics in workshops and their ability to be transported worldwide. New techniques of realisation and application have also been developed of tiles in glass, marble and stones as well as metals such as steel and even the more precious gold and platinum.

Fitting mosaics in interior design

Sicis has gone above and beyond the creation of mosaics as mere surfaces decorations, enhancing their use in different categories from furniture to objects and catapulting the company into wide global attention. Their new venture, Sicis The Next Art, presents consumers with a whole new way of interpreting architecture and focuses on luxury home interiors created with a meticulous attention to material provenance and quality.

The collection includes furniture, lamps, mirrors and textiles at the forefront of the latest interior design trends. Complete with every design element, the unique objects in this collection can be true centrepieces of refined, elegant rooms and are all characterised by comfortable and livable luxury.

The company’s ethos revolves around a strong attention to quality and detail. This is mirrored in everything Sicis does—from sourcing high-calibre materials, to collaborating with the finest Italian artisans and looking after the production process down to the smallest detail.

Every piece in Sicis’ Next Art collection is bound together through the use of minute mosaics—while a trailblazer in artistic design, the company continues to be true to its powerful founding principle, bringing the mosaic from the limbo of history into the contemporary design scene.

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