Il Gufo: Kool Kids on The Block

Il Gufo is a name that immediately conjures up a whole world: the world of “children dressed as children” which is also the corporate slogan of this Italy-based company founded in 1982.

The story of this company is a series of small steps made one after another. It goes from the bibs that 30 years ago Giovanna Miletti—founder of the brand—sewed as a hobby for her children when they were at school, to the transition to a larger-scale production and the creation of an enterprise that exports worldwide.

Il Gufo has always maintained the creative DNA of its origins: exclusive garments, created with hand-made care using fabrics and colours that are often the result of careful researches carried out by the in-house product office.

Design, comfort and superior quality are the strengths of the brand’s collections, where adult fashion trends are toned down to the world of children ensuring their comfort, well-being and respecting their identity. A unique distinctive sophisticated but simple product identity that has no competitors in the world of childrenswear.

The brand’s design draws upon various areas: the global trends brought into line with the company’s refined modern ethos; the in-house style office which keeps an attentive eye on the world; the company archives reconstructing the Il Gufo production history and preserving the identity of a product that has led to the reputation that the company enjoys today. The unique Italian style is present in every detail, as dozens of people in the company work every day towards achieving excellence in design, product development, communication, and distribution.

Il Gufo has always transformed the concept of total quality into reality: from the choice of raw materials to prototyping, production control, management of internal logistics, development of marketing levers and finally, service to our end customers. Every phase of the process going from the fabric to the store is subjected to intense scrutiny with the aim of ensuring the maximum satisfaction of the end customer.

The Il Gufo Spring/Summer ’14 Collection

The pieces in the Il Gufo Spring/Summer ’14 range come together in a collection that finds its strength in the harmony of its colours. From the most delicate and romantic pieces, characterised by brushstrokes of colour that give a watercolour effect to the soft, light fabrics, to those with a casual, sporty spirit, with appliqués of large coloured circles or maxi flower reliefs, in that inimitable blend of innovation and elegance that has always characterised the brand.

A distinctive feature of the entire collection is the skilful use of colour, a result of the in-house Style and Design Department’s research and testing. The shades of deep and ultramarine blue, as well as cornflower, cut determinedly across the garments, in solid colours or mixed together to give chequered or striped effects. The range of greens—lime, kiwi, apple and military—encounters shades of blue in the boys’ range: cotton pullovers, linen shirts and denim trousers.

For little girls pink, from strawberry to raspberry, plays with orange on dresses, blouses in voile and skirts in tulle. There is also white and a range of greys, which find their natural match in red and yellow, for lively combinations that are ideal for children dressed as children.


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