Hong Kong through the Lens of Fan Ho

Renowned photographer Fan Ho’s work is displayed in Sotheby’s new exhibition Visual Dialogues.

Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery is presenting their brand-new exhibition Visual Dialogues—Hong Kong through the lens of Fan Ho this month. This enticing collection of photography delivers on over thirty pieces of vintage photography from master film director Fan Ho (1931-2016). These visionary pieces of work document Honk Kong in the 1960’s, chronicling not only its history but its very essence.

Born in Shanghai in 1931, Fan Ho began his photographic endeavours at the early age of 10 when he started taking pictures with a camera his father left behind for him. At the age of 12, he purchased his own camera—which he took all his award-winning photographs with.

Not only a photographer, Fo also taught photography and film-making at various universities worldwide. His works are housed around the world in many private and public collections—most notably including the M+ Museum (Honk Kong), Heritage Museum (Hong Kong), National de France, San Franciso Museum of Modern Art and Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

A distinctive experience

The work of Fan Ho creates a romantic and distinctive experience. His use of light and shadow makes his images beautifully composed backgrounds of geometric grace, patterns and textures. The images Fan Ho was able to capture show Hong Kong’s streets, stalls, alleys and wet markets in the 1950s and 60s and offer a fascinating level of detail of an age that has now passed us by.

The exhibition itself not only draws on these beautiful pieces of work but also compiles a variety of related objects including Ho’s original Rolleiflex f3.5 camera used throughout his lifetime and in his book Thoughts on Street Photography (published in 1959)—which is also to be exhibited. His newest book, Visual Dialogues, will be available to view and purchase at the exhibition. This particular book is a comprehensive retrospective of Fan Ho’s award-winning body of work as a photographer.

The Visual Dialogues public exhibition runs from the 14-30 June 2017 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery.

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