Fawaz Gruosi: Exceptional Gems And Jewellery

Fawaz Gruosi : Exceptional Gems And Jewellery. Over the centuries, exceptional jewellery has been a symbol of power, passion and love, and one of the finest forms of artistic expression. Fawaz Gruosi, founder of de Grisogono, is endowed with an exceptional feel for gems with richly inspirational results.

The founding of the Geneva-based brand only dates back to 1993, when its first boutique opened at 104, Rue du Rhône. And yet de Grisogono has become one of the most famous luxury names in the world. It now has 16 boutiques worldwide, selling luxury jewellery and watches.

The company

In 2005, de Grisogono created its own jewellery workshop where 80 percent of the company’s unique pieces are produced within an atmosphere of great respect towards the rules and traditions of this art.

Founder and creator, Fawaz Gruosi, has always been inventive. Neither gemmologist nor designer, Fawaz Gruosi owes his success in the first place to his passion and curiosity and, no doubt, to his genuine creative talent. Avoiding fashionable gimmicks, Fawaz Gruosi plays with trends, sometimes against the tide, only listening to his inspiration. ‘Everything I see around me, in nature or in everyday objects, is a source of inspiration’, he confides.

‘I do things out of passion, I create out of instinct.’

Unique jewellery

Each creation by Fawaz Gruosi, whether interpreted in collections or in one-of-a-kind high-jewellery models, is made using stone-setting techniques that seek perfection in details. Earrings composed of tumbling briolette-cut diamonds cascade like silk veils. Imposing multicoloured necklaces, exalted both by the warm light of the cabochon and by sparkling precious stones, radiate contrasts that are sheer visual delight. The celebrities agree: in the last year Naomi Campbell, Rihanna and Isabelle Adjani have worn de Grisogono jewellery to red carpet events.

Their creativity is solely rivalled by the quality of its craftsmen and the knowledge of its artisans. Their exemplary skill and mastery of the delicate art of jewellery creation allows de Grisogono to produce 80 percent of its annually released 450 unique pieces within the privacy of its own walls, thereby ensuring even greater perfection of each item. Launched in 2003, the special jewellery collections for shop distribution count 7,500 pieces per year and are fabricated by French and Italian subcontractors. This production is aimed to reach 10,000 pieces per year.

Expert watchmaking

De Grisogono has now made a name for itself in the world of watchmaking. The rocketing growth of the company cannot only be explained by the creative exuberance that distinguishes more than twenty watch collections initiated by Fawaz Gruosi. Beyond formal design, the founder and president has constantly fostered innovation, determined to breathe new life into the watchmaking tradition. Daring to design forms that emphasise functions; developing original complications; playing with design codes only to better express the art of measuring time—these are but a few basic concepts behind the development of Fawaz Gruosi’s timepieces.

De Grisogono’s expansion in the field of watchmaking is on par with its founder’s own drive and energy. The company has shown clear focus on combining research and innovation, daring and character, formal strength and determination.


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