Exceptional Tailoring By Brioni’s

Brioni has been synonymous with style since 1945. Celebrating its 65th year of exceptional tailoring, it continues to be as simultaneously innovative and traditional as ever.

The creativity involved in realising a Brioni garment is almost an art form: it takes between 18 and 22 hours to make one suit, with a different worker dedicated to each of the 220 steps required. Up to 7,000 stitches are sewn by hand for each jacket, depending on the type of construction.

The company has come a long way since it was founded by tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and entrepreneur Gaetano Savini in 1945. Yet it retains its original values of merging the seeming contradictions of the conservative and cutting edge, innovation and tradition, the modern and classic. Brioni suits have been worn by many famous politicians, business leaders and actors, including the stars of James Bond films since 1995.

The starting point is always the fabric. Every season, 30,000 versions of coats and jackets alone are considered as the basis of the selection of 800 for the collection. Each suit is personalised according to the customer’s choice of fabric, detailing, specifications and fit. For ready-to-wear suits with standard cut, the same high-quality manufacturing processes are applied as for made to measure suits. This is what makes Brioni unique.

The fashion house takes its name from the Istrian island frequented by the most exclusive European jetsetters in the first decades of the twentieth century. Brioni’s 65th anniversary this year represents a milestone for the house, which is being celebrated with the launch of a new fragrance, a prestigious recognition by the Ministry of Culture for Brioni’s historical archives, and the opening of the brand’s 65th worldwide store in Barcelona.

The company is committed to nurturing its rich heritage with the prestigious Scuola di Sartoria di Brioni in Abruzzo, where students undertake the study of tailoring excellence. The impressive archive at the Brioni headquarters in Rome houses over 700 suits made since the 1950’s; hundreds of sketches, designs and drafts; and 10,000 photographs illustrating Brioni’s extraordinary production and numerous patents.

Its dedication and passion led Brioni to be named the most prestigious men’s fashion luxury brand in America by an independent study by the Luxury Institute of New York in 2007. Today, the brand is in the hands of 400 master tailors and a total of 1,650 employees working in eight facilities manufacturing the Formalwear, Womenswear and Leisurewear lines.’

For more information, visit www.brioni.com.

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