David Fowkes Jewellery—The Creation of the Unique

David Fowkes works with some of the finest coloured gemstones around. His name has become synonymous with gems of fantastic quality, which have been cut to perfection. Each stone has been individually created using ancient cutting methods to transform it into a precious piece of art. Often purchased as investment stones, these gems are as good as it gets.

Over the years, David Fowkes has established good working relationships with his stonecutters. Together they source the raw materials directly from the miners themselves. This includes a lot of travelling to mines all around the world. For example, some of David’s favourite tourmalines come from Africa, South America or Asia.

One of his favourite gemstones, the Oregon sunstone, is mined in incredibly tough conditions in the harsh Oregon desert. The collectors’ pieces are so fantastic but equally rare to find. Often it is necessary to sort tons of rough material to locate just one outstanding crystal which might then be transformed into a special piece of jewellery.

David’s design work often starts from the pure, untouched raw material. The close working bond with his cutters, facilitates the creation of innovative and often unique gems, which represent the first step of the design process. In some cases, with the design of a whole suit of jewellery, the stones are cut from the same piece of raw material to ensure the colour and quality match perfectly throughout.

David has an affinity with the fabulous gems that he works with; he wants to enhance their beauty yet create something valuable and wearable. To be able to design something unique and meaningful each time is motivation for David to practise his profession as a jeweller. ‘My passion for jewellery comes from the desire to focus on exclusive, one of a kind pieces that would not be seen on the high street market’, David says, ‘I want to make pieces that have their own identity, with interesting gemstones that have their own story to tell. I take a huge pride in the fact that not a single piece is reproduced.’

David and his team work in the peaceful settings of rural Nottinghamshire, in a picturesque Coach House within Thoresby Courtyard, 20 miles North of Nottingham. For about a decade, the Grade I listed Courtyard, part of the impressive Thoresby Park, has been the home of his iconic Gallery. These idyllic surroundings offer the right environment to focus on clean and elegant design, working on modern day treasures away from the hustle of city life. Each piece is hand made to perfection, a combination of traditional goldsmithing skills and modern techniques to reach the highest standards of craftsmanship.

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