BEDAT & Co. Art Deco Swiss Watches

Swiss watch making is getting ever closer to jewellery, with BEDAT & Co leading the way.

BEDAT & Co produce sophisticated watches inspired by the glamorous Art Deco style.

Founder Simone Bédat started out in the watch-making business at age 15, working in prestigious watch companies Camy and Raymond Weil before starting her own business with her son Christian in 1996. Since 2006 a new team has continued the Bedat legacy, with the same design philosophy of elegance and creativity.

BEDAT & Co’s core values are deeply rooted in the finest art of Swiss watch-making. Each BEDAT & Co watch carries the ‘8’ maker’s mark and is accompanied by an A.O.S.C.® certificate to guarantee the Swiss origin of its expertise and components.

Simone Bédat has displayed a distinct penchant for authenticity in forging the exceptional character of the BEDAT & Co brand. Its core values are evident through its timepieces: respect for traditional craftsmanship and a love of detail and fine materials.

The five collections carry numbers 1, 2, 3, 7 or 8, curiously not in chronological order. The company is enriching its No.2 and No.8 lines with models ever closer to jewellery.

Arts & Collections talked with Frank Low, the CEO for BEDAT & Co, to discover the company’s inspirations.

What are you aiming for with each watch?

We aim to deliver the highest level of quality in luxury timepiece for ladies. We want to be desired by intelligent sophisticated women who desire to have something luxurious and timeless.

All watches are conceptualized, designed, prototyped and manufactured in Switzerland with nothing coming from outside Switzerland except the alligator strap. They are developed by the best artisans in the Jura Valley.

What inspires the designs?

Ageless timeless Art Deco inspirations that can be interpreted in a contemporary way.

How long does each watch take?

It depends on the kind of timepiece we create. The complexities of the case design and the amount of diamonds are main factors. Usually 3 to 5 months for production.

Why does Swiss watch-making have such a good reputation?

Because they have managed to recreate the industrial platform of watch manufacturing into art. The Swiss have been able to imbed themselves into creations and the end results are timepieces that represents the inspiration behind the creation rather than just telling the time. Swiss watches are also made based on hundreds of years of tradition and skill which places them in a second-to-none position in terms of quality and beauty.

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