Aries Cerat was founded in 2010, with a single goal – to change the way people understand high performance audio. Many contemporary top line audio products claim the title of the best, but all give their own signature. However, Aries Cerat focuses on the one most important thing – the music.

Always thinking outside of the box, they attempt to innovate audio solutions in order to deliver the best in sonic performance, and reach perfection in every technical aspect possible. Only by the extended use of engineering tools, years of measurements and ear tuning, and use of nothing but the best components for the job, a true high performance audio reproducer can be born.

They pride themselves in their use of horn loading in their speaker designs. Horn loading is the most controversial approach in audio reproduction, having numerous advantages over the other technology available today. Having ultra high efficiency means total lack in power compression distortion, and distortion due to high displacements of the driver’s cone. However, an imperfectly implemented horn will nowhere near ‘high fidelity’. Understandably, building a perfect horn is not an easy business. It takes time, large space and unique driver; not your typical floorstander. Full size horns with the right flare for the bandwith are not for every room, but they are the only way to achieve true sonic bliss. Aries Cerat horns are tuned to perfect measure and sound.

Aries Cerat believe that tube signal amplification is the way forward, but only if implemented without any compromise. The company do not use mainstream designs and tube types.

They find that these fall short in sound. Instead, they use transformer coupling throughout the signal chain, and give maximum attention to power supply

design, using extensive choke regulation and polypropylene caps, removing every electrolytic cap from the signal chain. Their electronics are designed, built and tested in house, using the highest quality components. They are sure to give special attention to customization of their audio products.

Custom speakers can be designed for any given room, driven by custom electronics designed for their specific purpose. Multi-amplification can be implemented using tube crossovers and preamplifiers.

They can design and build any custom audio component that will match your existing equipment, or a whole system altogether, so a perfect audio chain is right in your living room. If you are a classical music lover and want to enjoy a full symphonic orchestra right in your living room, or you want to bring your favorite jazz quartet  to your home, their creations will  give a live performance every time.

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