Adler Fine and Innovative Jewellery

Continuing our series that reflects on great fashion brands and style icons, the name of Adler is synonymous with fine jewellery. This firm’s reputation stems from a long line of family jewellers, all of the highest repute. Today, Adler looks to the future by creating exquisite and innovative jewellery that are always in the vanguard of design trends. 

In 1886 Jacques Adler, a jeweller born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and trained in Vienna, opened a workshop in Istanbul, in the heart of the goldsmiths’ quarter. The location is a key to this brand’s success because, at that time, Istanbul was the world capital of fine jewellery, and there the brand’s foundations were laid.

The descendants of Jacques Adler have maintained this pioneering spirit. Since settling in Geneva in 1972, Carlo, Franklin and Leylâ Adler have ensured that the house keeps its brand characteristics, its love for artistic combinations, and a ‘dialogue among cultures’. With experience and rigorously high standards, the Adler jewellers select each stone, they give inspired thought to the designs, whilst the Adler family members themselves oversee the production and, most importantly, maintain a personalised relationship with their clientele.

‘We have always been a bridge builder across styles, continents and generations, as we strive to bring together opposites in the world of Haute Joaillerie and this ethos dates back to the end of the nineteenth century,’ says Sharon Adler, adding, ‘I think it’s fair to say our styles are outstanding because they bring rigorous precision and know-how, combined with an elegant mix of styles from both Eastern and Western cultures, so our pieces have very broad appeal.’

This passion for ‘Haute Joaillerie’ has now flowed on to the fourth generation of Adlers. Sharon and Allen, who run the business, grew up in a highly creative environment. When they joined the family firm after pursuing careers of their own, they wanted to bring with them a touch of innovation and encourage young jewellery designers all over the world.

They launched the Jewellery Design Award in 2009, aimed at promoting fine jewellery design around the world and helping launch the international careers of young designers. The best of these creative projects are frequently exhibited in Adler boutiques in Geneva, Hong-Kong, London and Gstaad, and Adler also has a presence in Dubai and Moscow.

Allen Adler joined the managing team and, with solid experience in finance and management, he has upgraded the firm’s organisational structure and improving its efficiency. Sharon Adler also inherited the love for the arts and now uses her experience in the field of communication in the family business.

‘Adler has always stood out as an innovative and avant-garde jeweller—never hesitating in cutting stones again to fit a drawing, combining curves and baguettes, mixing colourful stones, experimenting titanium, or wedding diamonds with other noble materials,’ says Sharon, ‘For us, the creation of our jewellery is the fruit of our imagination and energy. Often a stone inspires an idea through its shape, colour, texture or a free association that it triggers. Energy and sensitivity take over; an idea emerges, a sketch is put on paper, a drawing takes shape, and finally, a jewel is born!’

Today, the brand enjoys an international reputation for setting trends rather than following fashion. Its guiding principle is ‘dedication to beauty in the service of women’.

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