Actual Size: A Curated Evening Sale

This June Sotheby’s is presenting the revolutionary work of Paul Cézanne’, showcasing his two key motifs – Bathers and The Montagne Sainte-Vitorie. This piece of work has been included in two of the single greatest owner sales in Sotheby’s 273 years of history so far and returns Actual Size this year.

These two pieces together signalled the birth of modernism. Using a combination of light and colour, Cézanne creates work like no other, bringing together his two personal subjects that he holds most closely to create this visionary piece of art. Though only five by eight inches in size, it’s miniature dimensions don’t stop this being a centrepiece of revolutionary art which is a sight to behold.

Why is it this size? Adding to the rarity of the splendidly composed and vibrant piece, its triangular composition reveals a view of Montagne Sainte-Victoire. Cézanne uses this scale in order to perfectly capture the most significant subjects and ideas that have formed his artistic legacy thus far.

A masterwork in its own right, this work relates closely to one of the three late Grandes baigneuses that Cézanne was working on at the time of his death that can now be found in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

In June of this year, Sotheby’s will bring together a range of works from the 20th and 21st century—bringing together a broad mix of exceptional paintings, sculptures and works on paper which all share one thing in common. Each one will be no larger than the size of the catalogue page on which it is illustrated, in Actual Size.

Actual Size will be running through the month of June

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