Trafalgar Wealth Management: A Difference in Swiss Banking

Trafalgar Wealth Management offers a welcome alternative in the Swiss private banking scene, with a service that takes a disciplined mulit asset-class and tailor-made approach to the challenges facing the modern investor.

On the arrival of an increasingly complex market and regulatory environment, Swiss private banking is preparing itself to cope with new challenges. Some financial institutions will fail, yet some will survive and emerge stronger. The question remains: what is needed in order to stay on the winners list?

In light of the fluctuating economic climate, companies are now faced with growing criticism. Many institutional clients and high net worth individuals are asking some serious questions.

  • Is there a way to optimize my cooperation with my bank and my private banker in order to gain better performance, better service quality and lower costs?
  • Is there a way to build up a long-term banking relationship based on trust, independent opinion and discretion?
  • Is there a knowledgeable institution I can approach for advice, or simply for a helpful second opinion, on alternative structures and different asset classes?
  • Is it possible to approach my financial advisor with regard to all of the above concerns?

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One has to bear in mind that there is an ongoing change of tax rules in most European countries, as well as a system-inherent threat of substantial setbacks or even meltdown of the financial market. Therefore, a new way of taking care of the client’s assets is highly recommended. Choosing a compliant set-up and the right performance drivers (in the adequate asset classes) is essential. A continuous and rigorous screening of investments, in view of an efficient risk-management system, is also advised.

But which institutions are truly in a position to cope with these challenges in their entirety?

There is a well established but not widely known Swiss constitution called ‘Independent Asset Management companies’ – of which TMW is one.

Since establishing their Independent Asset Management company, they are now convinced more than ever that this platform is the way forward, offering all of the advantages that are required for success. They can provide a centre of competence between their clients and partner banks, product and service providers and specialist partner firms. Given the current shape of the market and regulatory environment, they naturally expect their method to attract more and more clients as time goes on.

Since its foundation in 2006, Trafalgar Wealth Management has achieved double-digit performance rates every year with its equity based portfolio mandate.

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