ARTCELS Announces Shares Release and Coronavirus Strategy

Following the launch and sell-out of its initial share offering, digital art investments platform ARTCELS now plans to release 400 additional shares on 8th April 2020, and during the coronavirus pandemic plans to create bespoke virtual art experiences to allow shareholders to enjoy their art assets from the safety of their homes.

ARTCELS opened in London with ‘XXI’, the first ever asset-based contemporary art exhibition, which featured rare and unseen works by blue-chip artists like Kaws (seen above), Damien Hirst, Retna, Jeff Koons, Banksy and more. The innovative art investments platform, which offers subscribers shares in high-value contemporary art, was designed by Glencore commodities trader, Gijs de Viet, and HOFA Gallery Co-Founder, Elio D’Anna, to open blue-chip art investments to a wider and younger international market.

The first shares released during the two-week run of the opening exhibition were quickly bought up, so ARTCELS will make 400 additional shares available to current and prospective subscribers on the 8th April 2020. These 400 shares are part of the original stock of 2028 shares created at the inception of ARTCELS to capture the real investment value of the blue-chip art in the ‘XXI’ portfolio. The founders assure share owners that the value of these shares are protected since the total volume of shares available remains very limited.


ARTCELS said “Our management team are highly sensitive to the realities of social distancing and limited travel as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and are planning to create a virtual ‘XXI’ exhibition to début at HOFA Los Angeles also in Q2 2020. The virtual art experience will be immersive and dynamic… It will exploit emerging Virtual Reality (VR) trends and will become ever more interactive as it is adapted progressively to satisfy viewers.”

With a difficult time in prospect for the art world, ARTCELS predicts demand for diversified investments to increase in response to economic uncertainty and turbulence resulting largely from the Coronavirus pandemic. ARTCELS expects to gain a stronger foothold among new and seasoned investors eager to capitalise on the enduring value of art which experts say is one of the safest and most lucrative investment options available. The value of contemporary art, in some cases, appreciates by over 20 percent year-on-year and is known to withstand the shocks of financial crises and the decline in value of other asset classes. Through their planned virtual art strategies supporting their digital art investments platforms, ARTCELS’ founders say they are confident they can give shareholders value for their art investments.

ARTCELS’ founders have chosen to preserve the entire ‘XXI’ portfolio despite offers for outright purchase of many of the artworks. They, instead, strategically encourage fractional ownership through the purchase of shares in order to give as many people as possible access to the previously unseen artworks for as long as possible. In essence, ARTCELS remains actively invested in its portfolio alongside its subscribers, showing itself a committed art broker for the age of digital investments.


Commenting on the launch of ARTCELS and the virtual launch of ‘XXI’ in Los Angeles, ARTCELS Co-founder, Elio D’Anna, said, “So far, ARTCELS has been a dream come true. As an art lover and a gallerist, it means so much to me to see so many people coming out to experience the phenomenal art in the ‘XXI’ portfolio. That’s exactly what we hoped to achieve by creating ARTCELS and making high-value art investment open to more people than ever before.”

D’Anna adds “It is very important to us that share owners of the ‘XXI’ exhibition portfolio continue to enjoy their ownership. So, these progressive virtual experiences will allow them access during the pandemic, even from the comfort of their own homes!”

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