Air Partner: The Finest in Flying Private

When you think about what sets luxury travel apart from the everyday, phrases like unparalleled convenience, unrivaled comfort, and essentially personalisation at every turn come to mind.

Now imagine that experience taking place long before takeoff, and where you’ve landed is what a private jet charter experience delivers. Enter Air Partner, one of the leaders in private aviation, whose team minimises the stress of air travel and allows you to focus on your destination and journey.

Air Partner recognizes that private jet charter offers many benefits beyond the apparent luxury, allowing passengers to maintain control of their schedule, destination, and cabin environment. On board the aircraft, travelers can expect a seamless journey enhanced by custom catering and an experienced crew dedicated to keeping you satisfied and entertained, whether traveling for 30 minutes or 30 hours. Moreover, beyond the details and high standards, Air Partner offers travelers the gift of time, leaving them feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to go.

The personalisation of Air Partner’s private jet charter service is at the heart of our business, and a team of Account Managers is available to handle special requests that may arise, from food and beverage preferences to freshly cut flowers to filtered air options and cabin pressure ideal for minimising fatigue and jet-lag. Whether flying an individual or larger groups, the team is available to guide with expert recommendations that ensure a seamless flight experience that prioritises maximum comfort and convenience.

The Ultimate Convenience

Trusted by high-profile individuals, corporations, government officials, and royalty, Air Partner is recognized for their exceptional quality management, high safety standards, and risk mitigation. With access to over 7,000 private jet aircraft to suit every requirement, they can accommodate every flight need, from light jets for day trips to super-midsize and larger global cabins and VIP airliners for long-distance travel. Arrangements are made for flights to the nearest and most convenient airports or FBOs, and private terminals are utilized to avoid crowds. The team also organizes ground transportation and helicopter transfers where necessary.

Air Partner’s On Demand+ and JetCard programs offer even greater flexibility, personalisation, and customisation for private flights, with additional benefits such as guaranteed availability for those who need more frequent flight options. The Charter Management Program allows travelers to book conveniently with the ability to put funds on account and fly at competitive market pricing. The Air Partner JetCard program offers fixed hourly pricing, allowing members to budget against their travel plans, knowing exactly how much their trip will cost, with a range of benefits.

Air Partner’s vast network of private jet aircraft, dedicated team, and commitment to safety ensures that travelers can expect a seamless and stress-free journey with everything taken care of.

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