Actor Johnny Depp Launches Bunnyman Genesis Collection

Actor Johnny Depp​​ debuts ‘The Bunnyman Genesis’, a collection featuring his powerful guardian, exclusively with Castle Fine Art and their new partner gallery in New York, Castle Contemporary. 

  • UK art retailer, Castle Fine Art, reveals​​ the new artistic direction of actor Johnny Depp at Art Miami with the launch of their new partner gallery, Castle Contemporary in New York. 
  • Depp reveals his meaningful new collection featuring a symbolic and legendary figure, The Bunnyman, a shared night-time vision between father and son. 
  • Available exclusively from 5th December from Castle Contemporary New York, and worldwide from Castle Fine Art online and their UK nationwide galleries on 13th December. 
  • Watch Johnny Depp share the story behind ‘The Bunnyman Genesis’ in an exclusive interview:

Acclaimed actor, musician and artist Johnny Depp ​​unveils ‘The Bunnyman Genesis’. This limited edition collection​ ​will be exclusively premiered alongside a series of The Bunnyman originals by Castle Contemporary at Art Miami on 5ht December.  

​​​International expansion has been at the forefront of Castle Fine Art’s mind for several years, and this winter sees the opening of their new partner gallery, Castle Contemporary, in the USA. ​​Located at 413 West Broadway, Soho, New York, collectors can discover a wide range of contemporary artists including Richard Hambleton, Risk and Paul Kenton, with work from exclusive artists Bob Dylan and James McQueen, as well as exclusive pieces from Johnny Depp. 

Managing Director, Ian Weatherby-Blythe said: “We have been looking for a gallery space in New York for some time, and we have now finally found the perfect location to launch our new partner gallery, Castle Contemporary. 

“Castle Contemporary prides itself on the quality and innovation in the art we sell. We started working with Johnny Depp in 2022, and The Bunnyman offers a new artistic direction for his collectors​​. We can’t wait to debut these works at Art Miami.” 

In his latest series, ‘The Bunnyman Genesis’ (2023), an intriguing, silhouetted figure stands before four different, yet parallel,  realms in the collection of mixed media prints:  ‘Origins’, ‘Cosmic’, ‘Flowers’ and ‘Multiverse’. 

Layering each composition with varying textures, contrasting blocks of colour and confident mark-making, Depp has developed a body of work ​​which demonstrates his expressive creativity. “Art is how I get out onto paper, canvas, whatever – the circus in my head. I paint what I feel more than what I see.”


Infused with a celestial undertone, the fantastical series is rooted in childhood memories. S​​ome years ago, Depp saw a sketch of a figure by his son, who’d been unsettled by a nightmare in which he’d appeared. The figure reminded the artist that, decades before, he’d also experienced recurring dreams involving this character. “But that dream kept coming to me, I had it a lot and that’s sort of what The Bunnyman became, is that figure in the dream”. They were connected by this shared night-time vision, but Depp perceived it as more comforting, than haunting: “There he was a benevolent creature, like he was there to warn me in my dream.” 

Like all great urban legends or dark fairytales, the myth of The Bunnyman has ​​evolved over time and through countless retellings, has taken on supernatural elements, existing at a doorway between reality and imagination. Depp perceives him as a powerful guardian and symbol of strength: “The Bunnyman is something that I feel very close to”.  

Having experimented with The Bunnyman image for years, Depp has now fully envisioned him in this bold new series. A symbolic ​​figure, he stands resolute, adopting the same pose within each of the artist’s conjured dreamscapes. As if sharing his protagonist’s origin story, Depp gives viewers glimpses of a character who existed in his dreams ​​before arriving in his son’s. Not only an inseparable friend and powerful self-representation of Depp, The Bunnyman is also an icon of his imagination. 

Exclusively previewed by Castle Contemporary at Art Miami from 5 December and available worldwide from Castle Fine Art online and their nationwide UK galleries from 12PM GMT 13 December. Each artwork will be available as a limited edition of 295, priced from £4,500/$5,250/€6,000. 

‘The Bunnyman Genesis’ 

Each artwork brings to life The Bunnyman’s many guises with a powerful story behind each one. 


‘Origins’ is the foundational artwork in ‘The Bunnyman Genesis’. A strongly symbolic colour connoting courage, protection and luck, the red within this artwork reflects key traits of The Bunnyman – he is bold, powerful, a guardian warding off evil spirits.  


In ‘Cosmic’, The Bunnyman embarks on a celestial journey. Seen by Johnny as “powerfully standing with a sword of truth”, The Bunnyman stands resolute amongst the galaxies, signifying his role as a universal guardian – and yet he belongs to no single world. Roaming alone across this cosmic void, The Bunnyman inspires viewers to embrace the spirit of adventure. 


‘Flowers’ features The Bunnyman within an abstract meadow of poppies. Often associated with sleep and the night, the poppy resonates with The Bunnyman’s connection to the dream world, having first emerged from a recurring childhood dream of Johnny’s. 


The artwork’s textured, loom-like background, meticulously hand-painted by Johnny, mirrors The Bunnyman’s ability to weave together the tangible and the imagined, encouraging us to look beyond the veil of the ordinary. Shifting between the layers of the multiverse, he embodies the spirit of unwavering curiosity and courage. 

Available from:  Castle Contemporary at Art Miami and 413 West Broadway, Soho, New York from 5 December, and worldwide from 13 December at 7AM EST/ 12PM GMT. 

© Johnny Depp, ‘The Bunnyman Genesis’, Cosmic, 2024. Image courtesy of Castle Contemporary and Castle Fine Art. Photographic credits: Elliot Nyman.  

​​​Image size: 40’’ x 26.5’’, Paper size: 45.5” x 32.5”, Framed Size: 50” x 36.5”. 

Medium: Silkscreen and Archival Pigment with Gold Leaf on 640gsm Waterford NOT paper. 

Each piece is individually hand signed by Johnny Depp. 
Emboss stamped by hand with Johnny’s mark of authenticity, The Bunnyman. 

Individual framed retail:  £4,500/$5,250. 

Set paper retail: £14,500/$16,950, Set framed retail: £16,950/$19,950. 

Each artwork is signed by Johnny Depp and emboss stamped by hand with Johnny’s personal mark of authenticity, The Bunnyman, on high-quality heavyweight 640gsm Waterford NOT. This exquisite paper is made from 100% cotton to high archival standards and has a genuine heritage. 

Presented in a portfolio, handmade using the finest materials, hand-screened branding and logos to the front, reverse and interior in silver archival pigment. The interior is covered in high-quality archival black paper with inserts to hold the artwork securely and help protect the paper’s deckled edges. The interleaf, which protects the face of the artwork inside the folio, is a 90gsm acid-free, PH-neutral semi-transparent paper. 

Castle Contemporary is the new partner gallery to Castle Fine Art. Launching at Art Miami, Castle Contemporary have opened an incredible new gallery at 413 West Broadway, Soho, New York. Castle Contemporary brings a wide range of contemporary artists including Richard Hambleton, Risk and Paul Kenton, work from exclusive artists Bob Dylan and James McQueen, as well as exclusive pieces from Johnny Depp.

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