Arts & Collections covers fine art, auction records, as well as market trends that inform collectors of the world's finest items.
Unique in its broad international coverage of both arts and cultural events, Arts & Collections covers fine art from antiquity to modern times, auction records, a special sale preview by Sotheby’s, as well as market trends that inform collectors of the world's finest items.

    Famous institutions across the country unveil their exhibitions to educate, commemorate and celebrate love, sex & diversity in every form—leading the discourse on LGBTQ experiences, past and present.

  • Luxury Home Collectibles

    The limited edition and luxury home collectables of the market today have long been sought after around the world. Arts and Collections takes a look at some of these luxury home collectibles

  • Luxury Mosaics in Interior Design

    30 years since its conception SICIS is now exploring luxury interior design, still guided by its original founding principle—the mosaic as a form of art

  • Mosaics Throughout History

    A look at how different cultures and ancient civilisations influenced mosaics throughout history.

  • Fahrelnissa Zeid's work on display at the Tate Modern

    Fahrelnissa Zeid’s epic, vividly colourful abstract canvases represent a dynamic fusion of European sensibilities with Islamic, Persian and Byzantine touches—a compelling cocktail that Tate Modern will exploring this summer

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