Arts & Collections covers fine art, auction records, as well as market trends that inform collectors of the world's finest items.
Unique in its broad international coverage of both arts and cultural events, Arts & Collections covers fine art from antiquity to modern times, auction records, a special sale preview by Sotheby’s, as well as market trends that inform collectors of the world's finest items.
  • Marlene Dumas retrospective at the Tate Modern.

    With a major retrospective of her work currently on display at the Tate Modern, London’s gallery visitors have the chance to witness first hand the moving and unsettling paintings of Marlene Dumas.

  • Works by British artist Eric Ravilious are receiving a new surge of appreciation.

    Work by the British artist Eric Ravilious, after 50 years of neglect, is today receiving a new surge of appreciation that is redefining this artist’s significance.

  • Dennis Hopper's photography

    For a brief six years of his life the legendary Hollywood hellraiser Dennis Hopper showed a uniquely creative talent as a photographer, as a recent series of exhibitions has revealed.

  • Horst: Photographer of Style

    Creative use of light, dark and shade—this was the magic that made masterpieces when the camera was in the hands of Horst.

  • David Bailey

    A touring retrospective of the work of David Bailey covers five decades, showing the development of his photographic style from social realism to high fashion and celebrity stardust.

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